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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    There is a couple that totally opened my mind on this. They got out mentally together. Took some time, but they were on the same page. Their teenage children they worked on, and finally the entire family is on the same page.

    They simply told the elders...."guys we have decided not to attend meetings anymore for matters of conscience. We are not disassociating ourselves, nor will we be discussing the reasons why we have made this decision. Thanks for respecting our privacy."

    Inevitably......people and especially elders NEED to know WHY. But they just stay on that message. End of story. No extra language. "We simply decided to no longer attend, and don't wish to discuss why. We know where you are at if we need you."

    It was absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. The elders could literally do nothing at all. The "gotcha" phrases like "so you don't want to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses anymore"? or "Do you still believe Jehovah is using the FD&S?"........can be ignored. You simply would reply...."I didn't say that", and then just repeat, "We simply decided to no longer attend, and don't wish to discuss why. We know where you are at if we need you."

    It works.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes that's right Problemaddict 2

    If they continue to pry you would have to cut off the discussion and say something like you have to go or close the door if they attempted to come to your home.

    Short, polite, firm and simple is the best way to handle prying elders.

  • sparrowdown

    Them : "This is a sign of apostasy."

    You : Damn straight it is, you should try it sometime.

    Honestly, this is a rigged game you can never win. Just take what's left of your dignity and get out!

  • Finkelstein

    Or be a little cheeky and say yes the WTS is apostate to Christian values and adherence to "his" word.

    You found it to be a commercialized false prophet and you dont want to be a supporter .

    That's why your leaving. ........... Bye

  • Crazyguy

    You should respond how is this a sign of apostasy? The religion of JW has gotten things wrong before that they said was truth, the leader came out in February of last year and said they are neither inflabble or inspired. According to one of their broad casts November 2016 their still roving about. And in an older wt they state their doctrines are only their opinion? You are just reiterating what they themselves have said and proven in the past!

  • Finkelstein

    That's true Crazyguy but elders do what they do as they are instructed and one is to ask the person in question during the JC if they accept that Jehovah is using the FDSL of the organization or not, this is in their guide book.

    If that person says no or isn't in agreement to that statement, elders are instructed to DF that person on grounds of apostasy .

    They will probably still announce the DF even if you state your not going to attended meetings any more, elders like the power of the DF.

  • freddo

    When elders sniff apostasy they are on to the branch like a newborn lamb on its mother's teet. The branch then tells them what to do and what ducks to get in a row every step of the way.

    Remember - the branch boys have heard it all before. Just because the elders in Outer Fumbuck haven't dealt with "apostasy" doesn't mean the branch won't ruthlessly close it down and kick you out using their puppets to do it.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS is a large corporation of corruption that has been made up to foster people into a state of subjection and loyal servitude, where the top men make up their own rules of governorship.

    They dont like outspoken opponents around as you can tell and they dont care if they break up families or long term relationships in that process of keeping themselves in a state of self empowerment and control.

    Some of this firm aggression to separate questioning opponents is related to the weak doctrines ( ie. 1914 ) which this organization was built upon.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Of course Ireneus, you can also use the same explanation as the July 2009 Awake! and blame it on your depression.

    "When Barbara’s depression and feelings of worthlessness are more than she can bear, she and her husband phone Gerard, a family friend who is a Christian overseer. He always listens patiently as Barbara sobs uncontrollably and repeats the same anguished thoughts she has expressed before. Gerard has learned to listen without being judgmental, argumentative, or condemning. (James 1:19) As the Bible advises, he has learned to “speak consolingly to the depressed.” (1 Thessalonians 5:14)."

    Just say you're going through depression like the sister above and talk a lot of "wild talk" (like Job) when your head is all over the place. And say how disappointed you were with the negative remarks that elder made when what you really would have needed was an elder like Gérard in the magazine to comfort you - without judging you.

    Useful to use the WT literature in your defence, because the boe cannot say it is wrong. Just a few thoughts on the matter. Hope it'll all end well for you. 🔆

  • Finkelstein

    Or the next time a couple of elders come to your home, quickly cover your head with some underwear, then answer the door telling them that you wont be coming to meetings anymore because you see evil spirits there and that you've been recently to see a psychiatrist who says your mentally unbalanced and probably schizophrenic.

    I promise they will never call on you again.

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