Russia Seizes JW Property.

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    Jah to correct matters.........lets begin with Amputation
  • menrov

    This approach in Russia sounds extreme but it did not come unexpected. There are laws in a country, rightly or wrongly, but these laws are to be obeyed. The WT had the idea they could get away with their own approach or otherwise change course of things. It did not work. This would be for any organisation, religious or not.

    Some or probably most JWs will see this as a fulfilment of some WT prophecy. A few might wake up. Nevertheless, I have seen political parties being dissolved because their resources dried up, people lost interest etc. In other words, if more countries adopt a similar policy, it can have a big impact.

  • Giordano

    I guess the difference is confiscation of property. Theft by government decree. Hitler pulled this same stunt especially against the JW's who wouldn't fight in his coming war.

    Also to further muddy the waters there is a high level of State collusion with the Russian Orthodox church........ Apparently that church has no use for the JW's. The Russian Orthodox church supported the Putin government.....and this is their pay off.

    As far as the harmful beliefs of the JW's..... the Ban on blood in-particular, the two witness rule in child sexual abuse, and shunning makes the JW's the low hanging religious fruit .... When your beliefs such as those mentioned above are neither scriptural nor necessary you run out of room to negotiate. By not reining this nonsense in........ the WTBTS leaves itself open to being criticized and sanctioned by a hostile government. It becomes about real estate and being a cult.

    However once again....... as in Germany of old...... the Society demonstrates more concern for it's Russian Real Estate holdings then it's followers.

  • stillMS

    Russia is on the firm way to it's next catastrophe. For too long, nothing serious happened inside this land of darkness and swamps.

    Let's just keep watching, and see what happens. Situation with JWs and their property is just one small piece of the evil things operating there (and spreading from there throughout many parts of the world).

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