What is it like at Warwick Bethel?

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  • nevermind

    From reading about people's first and second hand experiences about working at WT world headquarters back in the 70s and 80s era, the hypocrisy and lovelessness caused many Bethelites to quit even before their term ended, some even leaving to never again return to a Kingdom Hall. That, coupled with open access back then at Bethel to the literature of Watchtower's early days can easily open the eyes of any rank and file JW to the Society's occultish beginnings. Fast forward to the Warwick Bethel today. The "apostate library" must be locked up somewhere so the rank and file JW can't witness such eye opening facts about the TTATT. Also, there is now a heavy dependence on younger, tech savvy volunteer force. So, does Warwick want to treat this younger generation of Bethelites better simply because they can't afford to lose them? Back then there was Knorr, heavy drinking culture at Bethel, apostate literature lying in the open, etc, which is ample evidence to shock a Bethelite into awakening! What in the world can happen today at Warwick to be a jarring enough experience for these JWs to quit and realize the TTATT?

  • zeb

    When I was awakening I came across a few books written by former Bethelites. Hmm yeah ok I thought and then thanks to the web I discovered there are dozens of accounts of former jw and former bethelites who were subject to a culture of fear intimidation and booze at NY bethel.

    There was once a brief intent in my family to head toward bethel service but I am ever so glad my family never went there.

    There is need in the US for a 'Presidential Inquiry' into

    • the 'charity' aspect claimed by wt and
    • the accounting of the child abuse.

    I have been told recently a Presidential Inquiry is the near equivalent to a Royal Commission but I remain open to correction.

  • scratchme1010

    The WT has a real estate business. They have been taking measures to financially survive for some time now. They have changed their model and they no longer rely on house to house preaching and distributing printed literature. The exact same thing is going to happen once they find that the model they use in Warwick no longer serves their purpose, they will shamelessly make changes and will go int he direction that will continue giving money. They just do not care about their people, so it doesn't matter if people get left wondering or without answers. They will move in the direction where the money goes.

  • sparky1

    NEW ADDRESS: Same Attitude!

    "Wherever you go, there you are."

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver


    In the US Government there is no Presidential Inquiries, there are congressional hearings but not Presidential Inquiries. The President doesn't have legislative powers nor investigatory powers. The Executive Branch has agencies with investigative powers but normally they do not take their directives from the president, but they are to use their investigative powers with independent discretion. The reason for this, is during the early years of the FBI, Presidents and the Directors would use the power of the FBI for political reasons. Normally, if the Federal Government would like to investigate a matter, they will use the committees of the Congress to hold hearings. But just as the ARC is not a court, there is limits to the results that can take effect following those hearings, mostly either new legislation or they can turn the information over to existing law enforcement.

  • Lostandfound

    Are conditions at Warwick any improvement over Brooklyn, accommodation , living conditions, morale after witnessing hundreds sent to the curb . How do bethelites handle cleaning, food arrangements and stress from living in a gated community in the middle of nowhere with no easy access to shops, relaxation and entertainment.

  • Spoletta

    I'm sure they are well entertained by the vast catalog of uplifting videos and literature available to them.

    Not to mention being in the presence of the wise and powerful GB.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Bethelietes have a long history of living in a similar setting as Warwick that of Patterson's and wallkhill. Granted Patterson is a little better because Danbury is only a 20 mins drive. But everyone hangs out has dinners together watch games and stuff all the time. Bethel is not a prison where you have to be in bed by a certain time.

  • Fisherman

    Richard, what Powers does ARC have?

  • steve2

    "So, does Warwick want to treat this younger generation of Bethelites better simply because they can't afford to lose them?"

    Musing whether the treatment of the young at Patterson or Walkill is any "better" than in Brooklyn is like wondering whether parents improve their parenting simply because the family moves house.

    JW organization has a long, long history of efficiently dispensing with its workers once it no longer needs their service.

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