Would you do this to someone?

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  • JH

    Wouldn't you just like to do this to someone? Your boss maybe...

    So who would you like to do this to???

  • Elsewhere
  • shamus


  • KGB

    you should of added to that question, "

    Would you like to do this to someone and who would you like to do that too ?

  • JH

    I made the change KGB

    So who would you like to do this to?

  • KGB

    To every stinkin JW that comes to my door.................WHAMO!!!!!!

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    my thoughts exactly KGB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Country_Woman

    Throw a cake in somebody's face, no way, if the cake is tasty I rather eat it.

  • Panda

    BOO HISS NO NO NO, If you did that to someone out inservice, well they would just have to go home to clean up (end of service for that day, and beginning of a good excuse) then the trauma would keep them home from the meeting that night of which the sister had a part on the joys of placing literature using the new topic for conversation /discussion..whatever.

    The trauma would actually give her a reason to NEVER knock on another door. The story would build from one pie to a hot pie to 2 pies; you get the idea. Pretty soon there is a district assembly talk about avoiding getting the "pie face". and ultimately blaming the sister for doing SOMETHIN WRONG or that wouldn't have happened. BAMM she's back in the grist mill until she finds another way out of the borg cube...

  • yxl1

    Where's the picture from? A porn film?

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