New Announcement At The 2017 - DF'd People To Sit At The Back Of The Hall

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  • sparrowdown

    I wasn't even disfellowshipped yet I preferred to sit waaay down the back for part of the meeting - in the car in the carpark. Those meetings were utter torture.

  • jp1692

    SBF, thanks for posting that video link.

    The WT leadership must LOVE making/using these videos because they are such valuable vehicles for indoctrination.

    Notice the video producers don't make an "official rule" about:

    Where DF'd ones should sit or how long they should expect the reinstatement process to take.

    The staging of the scenes and the narration all carry the desired messages in an implicit way allowing the WT leadership to simultaneously claim they don't make rigid rules.

    The passive observer takes it all in without even realizing they are being indoctrinated, manipulated and controlled.

    BONUS POINT: Did you notice the young woman in the video said she was "determined to qualify for reinstatement"?

  • search
    OK - it was longer ago than I thought but here is the article about where DF'ed ones can sit.
    Although the title refers to children it is clear that a DF'ed person of any age can sit anywhere just so long as they respect where they are.

    I should add that the above article has a footnote to confirm it updates previous direction in The Watchtower of April 1, 1953, page 223.
    This is referenced by Blondie in this thread...

    Believe it or not, this innocuous seeming outdated policy and an egomaniacal elder started a chain of events leading WT to Supreme Court.

  • slimboyfat

    Not only did she sit at the back, but they put her behind glass! I don't even know any regular KHs that have facility for this, only Assembly Halls.

  • ducatijoe

    Well I watched the video. Guess you can clap when someone is reinstated now ! What a total controlled society. Yeah....they always show her in the back of the hall. If my family is waiting for me to come back , they will never see me again. That is their choice, not mine. I chose to no longer be part of this cult. I was born into it as they all were. That does not make it the "Truth"

  • jp1692

    SBF, I know of many KHs in the area where I live (western US) that have a "Second School/Library" behind glass like that. It is/was a common remodeling feature here 10-20 years ago.

  • slimboyfat

    Is it common for DFed to sit behind the glass like that?

    Another thing about the video. When the reinstatement was announced look at the audience. Some clapped and some didn't. This was noted at the meeting as a "good example" of people exercising individual conscience, deciding for themselves whether to clap or not. I'm not joking.

  • slimboyfat

    Plus if she's sitting there in the second school, where is she supposed to go when it's being used?

    Come to that, do second schools still exist not the TMS has been abolished/renamed?

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    The direction on clapping is dignified spontaneous clapping. Not everyone needs to clap. Some people maybe still hurt by what that person did, would you clap if someone defrauded you and they were reinstated? No.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes the ironic call for spontaneous clapping following the decades long call for non-clapping.

    Some JWs seize any opportunity to judge others. So it's likely not only people who have been personally hurt that will exercise their "free conscience" on this one. But that's the situation the WT invokes to promote this particular bizarre detail of a bizarre ritual.

    Another thing about the video. The woman didn't seem to put a foot wrong while seeking reinstatement, yet she says it took "nearly a year". Clear message being, even if you behave yourself as we say, expect it to take longer than six months to get reinstated.

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