The "Jesus is Michael" teaching soon to go?

by Island Man 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • steve2

    Umm.. that's kinda my point. JWs don't care much about this teaching - and yet it's harming the image of the organization. That makes it a "costly" teaching which is earning them very little or no returns.

    What an astonishing line of reasoning, Island Man! Evidence please?

    I would have thought that JW organization's image has been monumentally far, far more harmed by the fallout from its policy and practices in responding to allegations of child sexual abuse than from some obscure teaching whose greatest claim to criticism is its oddity.

    I have searched google far and wide and I cannot find any evidence that JW organization's teaching on Michael as Archangel has "harmed" its image in any way whatsoever - unless you mean because some non-JW critics have questioned it (and that's hardly harming its image).

  • shepherdless

    Just an anecdote in support of Island Man.

    Until my wife became a "return to Jehovah", I thought JWism was just another quaint fundamentalist Christian religion. When I heard the "Jesus is Michael" thing, it definitely made me think that JWs were just a bunch of silly nutters. This was well before the ARC, and before I had stumbled on sites such as this, or found out the bOrg was a cult.

  • kepler

    Regarding that "return to Jehovah" note above:

    My experience about 7 or 8 years ago was something akin to that. Consequently I attempted to accommodate my girl firend at the time by taking instruction and was introduced to the "What the Bible Really Teaches" pamphlet.

    It was clear enough what JWs thought of Trinitarians, but it was unclear what they were advocating about Michael the Archangel. It seemed like his equating to Jesus was a matter to be dealt with in the appendix, supported mainly by three or four New Testament quotes, observations about army organizations and the notion that the voice of Jesus would be like a trumpet, hence...

    My instructors who came to the house on Saturday morning had no comment on the matter at all.

    I felt like I was being solicited to join the Albanian communist party.

  • ttdtt

    That isn't even in the top 100 baseless things they spew out that they would think about changing.

  • punkofnice

    The jobos seem oblivious to what they really believe. Whether the Micky boy 'teaching(tm)' stays or goes, it will remain irrelevant to them.

    All they know is, Paradise with a panda, no blood, shunning loved ones, giving money and property to 'mother(tm)' and GB worship.

  • steve2

    An occasional person does a double take on the JW Archangel teaching. An occasional person. Hardly a deal breaker or threat to the organization. Sense of proportion please.

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