So the liberals are lying about people moving out of Kalifornia.

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  • mickbobcat

    My wife works in real estate here in the Midwest. People are moving in so much from Kalifornia its crazy. she said her client told her that they had to drive to Nevada to get a Rider truck. Kalifornia wanted 10000 for a Rider truck and Nevada wanted 5k. While if you want to rent a rider from Texas its 500. Liberals are saying there is no exodus form their failed socialist state. LOL they lie and lie and lie.

  • punkofnice

    I can't say about things in America because I'm a British Brit in the UK. I visit Canada but not too bothered about visiting America.

    liberals are lying

    Yes. They do all the time whichever country you're in.

    They tend to be all 'hashtag be kind' but are the most ruthless violent virtue signalling liars ever.

    The Left and far Right are both very much the same except the left pretends to do it for your good.

  • Simon

    Why would anyone want to leave California?

    Sure, it's sky-high taxes and inflated house prices, but you can always live in a tent at the side of the road or take over a local park - I've seen footage showing thousands do just that. And yeah, there's the general lack of order and crime, but it means you can just load up on goods from the local store and walk out knowing that no one will bother you. Well, while the stores are still there of course. California is all about freedom, so what if "free to shit in the street" is the only one they really care about allowing.

    Citizens are becoming so demanding. Don't they know they live in the same state as Hollywood stars? They should be grateful for that and not have silly dreams about quality of life or raising a family somewhere safe.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Hey be nice. After all we gave you our very best Nancy Peloci.

  • LV101

    They've been fleeing to Nevada for quite a few years but its so bad past couple of yrs. there's a housing shortage. Realtors begging for homes to sell. Real estate prices over the top and rising.

    I've friends In cal - various parts - and they'd never leave but they're older now and love their homes, friends, etc. Unfortunately, California has that magnificent Pacific blue ocean and it would be difficult. Residents here flee to California during the summer heat. It's becoming less attractive to me with all the crime - afraid to walk down the street alone from a condo is ridiculous.

  • truth_b_known

    The fact that the State of California lost seats in the U.S. House of Representatives why other states gained houses is evidence enough. Seats in the House of Representatives are allotted based on population.

  • LV101

    Yes -- many thanks for giving the country Polident Pelosi. I use to go to more conservative parts of Cali and my life-long friends/family would harass me re/Nevada's Harry Reid and what on earth has the state turned into. It was old Dems in the dark ages (so I'm told) but then became more conservative -- how I don't know with the Jewish population controlling the LV strip (dynamics changed now I hear) but Cali seems to be running NV now. It's probably more liberal now but with rigged elections who would know.

    The East coast/midwest (everywhere) and Cali flee/retire here (anywhere they're tired of freezing) and bring their politics with them. The Dem politicians are financed via the liberals out of Cali - serious fund raisers. They know how to win.

  • Biahi

    My friend ( retired) moved from Illinois to San Diego, he loves it there.

  • Overrated

    To me California lost it's gold. I would be leaving soon too.

  • joe134cd

    When I hear of reports like this in California. It makes me grateful I live where I do. Sensible gun laws, which no doubt prevents violent crime. A country that is relatively small in size and in population, and luckily flys under the radar in the world scene. Sensible pollution levels. A welfare system that cares for its citizens. It really comes as no surprise that I live in a country that is usually considered one of the top five countries in the world to live in.

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