Local elder dies of starvation

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  • ToesUp

    The complete lack of love was exactly what woke my spouse and I up. During a difficult financial time, we were not asking for any financial support, just some emotional support. With the exception of one Elder in the KH, we got NOTHING. Not even a word of encouragement. I thank the JW's and WT for that. Once we exited the cult, we learned TTATT. We now know so much more about this "religion" than when we were in. THANK YOU WATCHTOWER AND THE LOCAL JW'S FOR SHOWING US YOUR TRUE COLORS!!!

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry to hear that story about your mom and dad and how she was criticized to "do more" during crisis in her family.

    As for the elder saying "we are not a charity" when she asked for help (even if that help was moral support), he speaks with a forked tongue because the religion DOES help certain people in the congregation but it depends on who they are related to and how spiritual they are viewed. You say they had the audacity to take up a collection for a 'special' person there? They wouldn't have gotten anything from me since I was criticized for working full time and never forgave them for being treated like a 2nd class citizen either.

    Many years ago when I was in the religion, a family in the congregation had a house fire and were in a trailer while their house was being repaired. I went over with some things and the man said "It's about time somebody came here". I said I heard from a friend....I later asked an elder in the hall WHY there was no announcement about this family when they had announcements about when popular people had the flu or sniffles, etc...His answer was unsatisfactory.

    It's a very damaging religion that's full of shit with deluded people who expect a phony brotherhood to kick in when they need it.

    As for somebody who worked hard like your mom, I would have helped her but would have NEVER helped a Witness who didn't want to work. Maybe she was viewed negatively like I was because she was a woman who worked full time? They are really sick about this. But, I'm glad your mom found out TTATT.

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    I would have helped her but would have NEVER helped a Witness who didn't want to work.

    LongHairGal - Tell me about it! How come you're the "go to" guy/girl (i.e. someone already snowed under) when they often have far too much free time on their hands or at least have some bum in the family/circle who could help? Give them an inch and they'll soon be walking all over you...

    I knew of witnesses who would find ways to avoid paying their council tax (a standard housing tax in UK). They'd be on benefits (welfare), working cash in hand jobs (not declaring full amount to again save on taxes/get more benefits) etc. Even though the state paid half their rent, they'd be really fussy/entitled when it came to what they expected their landlords to do (e.g. in one case the poor guy came out to unblock sh*t from their toilet! Hard to believe but true). They got so much help from congregation members due to the fact that they were seen as "role models" - i.e. pioneers. (e.g. in one case my family, including giving a roof over their heads, until we wizened up to their piss taking). The funniest part is when they show little gratitude to the ones who are literally helping (holding them up), but rather get further puffed up because "Jehovah was blessing them" LOL!

  • LongHairGal

    GOOD JW:

    Thanks. It's bad enough these freeloading deadbeat JWs are looking for handouts and want somebody else to pay for their 'everlasting life' - but they have the audacity to criticize those responsible ones who DO work as being 'not spiritual'. The religion made a monumental mistake promoting this attitude.

    I was not there to support any wannabe clergy class and it's too bad if any Witness viewed themselves that way.

    I was never impressed or moved by any so-called role models in the congregation and they certainly never deserved or got any charity from me. Maybe if I rode in their car I gave them gas money or took them out to lunch. As for ones you mention 'showing little gratitude' to those who did help them (I suspect mostly older people who retired in a healthy economy) - when those JWs pass away it's over.

    Maybe here and there somebody will give these lazy JWs a little something but that's not going to be enough and they will be forced to find some employment. If they are not already receiving some benefits they will seek that out also.

    What a worthless religion.

  • truthseeker

    elder saying "we are not a charity"

    Precisely why WT should lose their charitable status

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    they have the audacity to criticize those responsible ones who DO work as being 'not spiritual'.

    LongHairGal - Yeah it took me a while to get that idea out my head (career = worldly) - really difficult when it's been ingrained from birth. My dad encouraged me to go to college etc (a bit out of the ordinary for an ex elder), but my mum always wanted me to be like "spiritual big brother" who went to bethel and forsook "worldly stuff".

    Success in life is an attitude, not just circumstances (i.e. if you want something you need to really WORK for it). I see the contrast in behaviours very clearly now, and it was so frustrating when you were surrounded by folk in a religion who just didn't get it, or worse, confused by a religion who disguised humanity's fears/laziness as something virtuous/noble and spiritual. They see things in black or white - "spirituality vs career". Unfortunately it's cyclical - parents teach their children who then teach their children ("career or money's bad"). The religious leaders do the same thing.

    Funny you should say that about the freeloaders falling on difficult times; at least one family I know of now the wife has had to go out to work (on a farm). Jehovah must be on a toilet break at the moment :) She's happier for it though (bit more self worth/daily exercise), although not as smug lol.

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