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  • Andyman

    Hi Waiting;

    You said: "I think one of the reasons why no distractions are allowed is they want as much of our attention as possible - when we're awake."

    Do you mean we were supposed to stay awake during the meetings? No wonder I had so many problems!

  • waiting

    Hey Andy,

    I used to be so embarrassed by my husband. He would work all day outside at his job. Extreme weather, hot or cold just is exhausting. Almost immediately upon entering the meetings, he would consistently fall asleep. As long as he didn't snore, I refrained from my sharp elbow.

    The only way I stayed awake was to take extra W&A magazines, and read them. That's how I got my reading done - during the meetings. Otherwise, I was sleeping right along with my honey. And btw, I was one of the "most often answerers" in our hall. Another way to stay awake.

    Could that be one reason the WTBTS named the magazine "Awake!"?


  • Evereeone


    New Light= we stuffed up big time

    how about:

    New Light = spin doctoring or damage control ?-SolidSender

  • Zep

    Yeah...you can your pick really

    NEW LIGHT= We've decided to make up some more new stuff and call it "present truth" because that old stuff was so bloody ridiculous a monkey wouldn't buy into it!

  • waiting




    'zat u?

    waiting - still me

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