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  • Zep

    Collateral Damage= we just shot the hell out of some civilians

    Friendly fire= shot the hell out of some of our own

    New Light= we stuffed up big time

    The mystery unfolds= wholesale changes

    False prophet= everyone else but us Dubs

    Watchman= as close as us Dubs will come to calling ourselves a false prophet

    Proverbs 4:18= Us Dubs

    Proverbs 4:19= everyone else

    The righteous= Us again

    The wicked= everyone else

    Apostate= someone who asks too many questions

    FDS= Big brother

    Kingdom hall= some dull building that was built in a day and has no windows

  • circare

    Hey Zep. Some interesting definitions here.

    I don't think I've ever been to any KH's without windows here in Australia though. Thought it was only in big cities like New York. Do we have any in Australia that don't have windows?

  • waiting


    Where I'm at in the South, they finally built one with glass doors in front. First windowed KH in our city! Four other KHs - no windows. One is built so that you can't use the "front doors" either. Have to use the back single door with no window. Poor planning. Guess that's why they went with only so many types of building plans available. Makes sense.


  • Andyman

    Hey everyone,

    The old hall I used to go to had windows, then we did a remodel and they took them all out. I have been to other halls around the state, but none with windows.

    Now I don't know the reason, but I asked and elder about it, and his response was that with now windows they couldn't throw in a bomb! He was dead serious. Anybody else heard why the no window thing is so popular?

    Take care.


  • waiting

    Hey Andy,

    Years ago, the old KH did have windows, where I came from.

    We used to joke that with no windows, the speaker didn't need worry that we were looking out them daydreaming.


  • Zep

    I don't think I've ever been to any KH's without windows here in Australia though. Thought it was only in big cities like New York. Do we have any in Australia that don't have windows?

    >Well, the one i went to had small windows up along the top left, let in the natural light.I know they built a new one in a day and sold the old one...i've seen it once or twice, its just a big block of bricks, likke lego, there doesn't look like there are any windows at all...except for maybe an office out the back that has one?!...maybe they do have windows, i was just being sarcastic!

  • circare

    Hi Zep. I got the sarcastic bit thanks.

    I was just curious about the KH's. I had no idea there were so many halls in the US that were built without windows. I wonder why that is? Is it a security precaution or a costing factor?

    We have some nice halls here in Australia and most that I have been to have lots of big windows. Only the ones in the city where they are surrounded by other big buildings have smaller windows. Have you seen the new assembly hall they built in Sydney Zep? It has quite pleasant surroundings don't you think?

  • Zep

    I'm south of Sydney Circare!

    >so many halls in the US that were built without windows

    I heard it was something to do with Quick builds?

  • Pathofthorns

    I've asked the question before to certain ones, and it seems to be due to the possibility of vandalism.

    Some of our halls do have windows, but for most they are not in the auditorium. Seems strange that they can't put in those unbreakable, or less breakable ones. There is something about natural light which seems to make it more pleasant to learn indoors. How many schools have no windows?


  • waiting

    Hey Path,

    I remember when they remodeled our old KH and did away with all the high-up windows. We couldn't actually see anything out of them except for the sky, sunshine, rain, etc.

    But that was nice - a touch of outside. I missed them when they were done away with. I think it was said to be done for vandalism also.

    I visited another old renovated KH and commented to a brother I knew that it was beautiful inside. No windows, but pictures (real ocean/mountain scenes with real frames) on a lot of walls in the actual auditorium and extra schools.

    He disagreed with me (some "fancy sister got the bright idea") because he said it was too hard to concentrate on the speaker with all the distractions of pictures. I told him if the speakers were more interesting - perhaps the people wouldn't be so distracted after seeing the same 4/5 pictures every week for 5 hrs. The pictures weren't that interesting.

    I think one of the reasons why no distractions are allowed is they want as much of our attention as possible - when we're awake.


    PS - I didn't realize worldly persons noticed this oddity also, but in our area the same question of windowless square buildings is brought up regularily. One sister commented that her opinion on why some new KHs have glass front doors was because strangers did not like the idea of going into a totally windowless building.

    PR move? We certainly want those new strangers to feel comfortable......

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