Were they trying to scare us?

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  • Ravyn

    I read tarot cards, I have a Spirit Board--like a ouija but prettier colors--and I channel. Only 'demon' problems I ever had were when I was a JW and did not do any of those things. I actively practice witchcraft, including spells and magick. take out the sensationalism and you got just another spirituality that is indigenous to most groups of people on earth.

    of course the JWs would say the reason I have no problem with demons now is because they already 'got me'....doncha know? only JWs are attacked by demons out of spite and jealousy to break their faith and turn them away from the truth....

    Ravyn, of the appearing as an angel of light class

  • Ravyn

    ok this deserves a longer answer. Tarot cards are very Jungian, they represent every stage of life that every human goes thru and they can be like a meditative self help book. It is your energies that determine the answers the cards give according to your interpretation...that is a going INSIDE yourself-shamanistically. But you can also go OUTSIDE yourself with the cards and ask for advice from energies other than your own. With a Ouija board, it is all OUTSIDE energies. This freaks some people. Many witches will tell you not to mess with a ouija. However, you have control over it just like if you called someone on the phone. You can always hang up if it gets uncomfortable. I get mixed messages from a ouija---so far nothing useful. However I get specific and useful information from the tarot cards. I dont use a planchette---my cats keep whacking it off the board and losing it---so I use an upside down shot glass. There is definitely a 'pull' or 'push' to it. I will touch it so lightly with even just one finger that there is no way I am moving it by myself. But it takes a while and concentrated focus to even get that far. I have a visualization I use and I also lay out three tarot cards in a spell for protection and clarity above my board. I have my board framed in a glass frame with the cards above it and I hang it on the wall when I am not using it. It is many colors and very pretty...circular--looks like an aztec disk. I also close my eyes while I do it and do not anticipate any response, so I dont influence it. When the shot glass is ready to stop on a certain letter or number or symbol it trembles and gets suddenly very heavy as if I could not move it. Then I open my eyes and read it.

    Are they portals? in my opinion yes. are they something to fear? in my opinion no. I realize that those who do not believe in the spirit world think this is nonsense, and that is ok with me. I only believe for myself now.


  • Ravyn

    ok this is the last one for tonight--I promise!

    if you want to try divination try a pendulum first. I use a necklace I have that is a continuous chain and a pendant in a celtic design, made from pewter. But you could use anything from a sewing needle suspended on a red thread(old wive's tale) to one of the fancy shmancy store bought pendulums made of semi-precious gems. Anything hanging on a thread or cord or chain will do with a button or coin or pendant heavy enough to weigh it down. Determine which direction is YES and which is NO. I usually go for back and forth is NO and circles is YES. Sometimes I do side to side is MAYBE or DONT ASK.

    Now hold it in your hand until it gets warm. then suspend it over your left palm with your right hand, making it still. ask a YES question you know the answer to. see which way it swings. ask a NO question you know the answer to. note if it swings in a different way. If you get it to swing in two different ways then you have 'programmed' it and you are ready to ask it questions you don't know the answer to.

    wait for it to move, sometimes this can take a few minutes. Maybe brace your elbow on a table. Use opposite hands if you are left handed. this works. of course it is only a 50/50 deal. But you can feel the movement and it is handy to get used to the idea of divining.


  • onacruse

    Well, I've never personally had any such experiences, but I can tell you of a couple that certainly make me wonder.

    My Dad is a very conservative, down-to-earth ex-military guy. Not into fanciful imaginations, if you take my meaning. He was studying with some folks who said they were having strange and unnerving experiences. The conversation eventually turned toward the possibility that they might own something that was "demonized." The only thing they owned that they thought might "qualify" was an old necklace. They gave it to my Dad to dispose of. He drove down to the Burnside Bridge and threw it off into the Willamette River. When he came back, he was white as a sheet, visibly shaken. We asked what happened? He said "When I threw that necklace off the bridge, I heard it shriek all the way down till it hit the water." That was his one and only experience with paranormal phenomena; and the people he was studying with didn't have any more problems (they also didn't become JWs ).

    Another brother, Matt, was a big barrel-chested Czeck; also a very conservative man and by no means superstitious. He was studying with some people, and noticed when he walked past this particular mirror in the hallway that he always felt an unusually cold breeze. He asked the people if they noticed that, and they said, yes, and that other "things" had happened with that mirror that made them really nervous. They asked him to destroy it. So he took it out into the back yard and took a swing on it with a 16# sledge. It bounced right off the glass. He swung twice more, and each time it bounced. The 4th time, the glass broke, and turned literally to dust.

    I can imagine some scenarios that might explain these incidents...but, honestly, I just can't say for sure.


  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

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  • Panda

    Well lets see... as a borgette I was afraid of demons and got rid of anything that might be tied to them ... I thought I felt them watching I'd hear them. But since I have studied about these phenomenae and applied Carl Sagans Baloney detection kit, I have to admit that the tarot and other stuff are great for Halloweenparties AND my girl scouts liked to use tarot as regular playing card Because they are much more colorful and they learn some history about cards.

  • SYN

    Fear is a powerful cult tool.

    Even to this day, I'm still amazed that I could have been so scared of something that absolutely doesn't exist.

    As always, never underestimate the power of your imagination!

  • rocky220

    It takes "Demons" to know "Demons". Do you get it, um,Botchtower?...rocky220

  • stillajwexelder

    When I was coming into the truth, I did try the occult to prove that demons exist and hence that the witnesses were correct -- some sisters in my congregation still obsessed by the demons and everything that goes wrong is them/satan. The demons never visited me but I still got baptized and then became an elder!!

  • kls

    When i left the watchtower cult ,my jw husband would tell me that satan had got a hold on me .I went through months of nightmares that i was demonized because i found the org. for what it is .To this day 25yrs later the scare is still real.Even though i know it would not happen because the jws. have all demons working for them in org. kls

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