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  • Hairtrigger

    Long haired girl,

    The WT , like all cults is steeped in secrecy but bad at keeping secrets. They are doing everything in their power to burn all evidence that might crucify them in court. The eight are running scared. We need to wait and see how all this unfolds. Don’t be surprised if these dog poops spring their own surprises since now it has come down to survival. But to my thinking, their wriggle-room is getting lesser with each court case . And this is just the tip of the ship-cruncher!

    What I am hoping for is someone on the inside to ship out evidence that they are destroying. No doubt there are a few who are doing their best. But we need some real solid stuff - like say the details hidden in the data-base- to nail them to prison walls. I get it that this is a civil case and that the data base cannot be produced in court unless handed over legally by the WT. But somewhere along the line - with adequate evidence-the eight may be prosecuted for criminally orchestrating all this.

  • LV101

    They've lucked out for decades lying and conniving -- amazing how crooks/charlatains/politicians can destroy evidence and walk.

  • BluesBrother

    Yes, well worth seeing. Food for thought. Amazing statement by G Losch, technically true but disengenuous.

    A very skilled presenter. The Borg could do with his style.

  • nowwhat?

    That guy must have gave awesome public talks!

  • BluesBrother

    Just saw the opening again.......... If ever confronted by the B of E, I can say “ I do not answer to Watchtower “....... and then tell them I am only quoting Gerald Losch..........

  • Vidiot
    Hairtrigger - “...steeped in secrecy but bad at keeping secrets...”

    That’s good, I like that.

  • sir82

    I saw the title and thought this thread was about Lett's eyebrows.

    Sorry for the disturbance, carry on.

  • slimboyfat

    The thing about Gerrit Lösch claiming “I have never worked for Watchtower” is that he was a Governing Body member before 2000 when the legal split between GB and Watchtower was made. Gerrit Lösch became a GB member in 1994, so presumably he was a Watchtower director between 1994 and 2000. So his statement that he never worked for or had authority or answered to Watchtower must be false—am I wrong?

    This may apply to the GB members who joined in 1999 too: Herd, Splane and Lett. I don’t know, but Lösch was on the GB years before the legal separation of GB from Watchtower.

  • eyeslice2

    Maybe it is just me, but I am confused by the term 'Watchtower'.

    There was a post here a while back listing nearly a 100 different legal entities. Is there a legal entity simply called 'Watchtower' as opposed to, for example, Watchtower Bible and Tract of Pennsylvania, or Watchtower Bible and Tract of Great Britain, etc. 'Watchtower' alone just doesn't sound right.

  • slimboyfat

    It usually means the Pennsylvania corporation, I think. It’s the main one.

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