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  • pontoon

    So remember how assembling together is a command and no man or government can stop us, even if it means going 'underground', even if means being arrested, jailed, beat....can't stop us from assembling together----until Covid. Now it's "false regligion" fighting for their constitutional right to meet together while the JWs seem to be perefectly happy Zooming their lives away.

  • hybridous

    I am having a hard time imagining the WT Society being content with this current JW meeting arrangement,

    So much control is exerted laterally - one JW behaves because of another JW.

    I think they lose a lot of that without real meetings.

    Without all that control....what's left of this 'religion', anyways?

    They need the Covid scare to subside so JWs can re-connect with other JWs before 'worldly' folks fill the void...

  • peacefulpete

    I seriously think they are morphing into a TV/media church. Lett is a natural. KHs and printing are expensive.

  • WTWizard

    They finally did the right thing--but for the wrong reason. They should have abolished this waste of energy long ago, since it is not worth the time and money to attend boasting sessions or go in field circus. They helped bring on this global reset where we will own nothing and be slaves, not even entitled to our health, by pumping their spiritual energy into it through this bible (and by trying to abide by it).

    As for its being coronavirus, so many of them work jobs that expose them to far worse all the time. As a dishwasher, you are exposed to every sort of germs that come back in those buspans. Every single cold and flu that goes around makes it back, along with such as AIDS and hepatitis C (which, unlike coronavirus, are nothing to mess with). People can also be exposed to hepatitis C cleaning toilets. Do they wear masks and/or face shields while doing these things? No. As such, I (and many others with this type of job) were regularly exposed to these viruses (and tuberculosis, to boot--also no laughing matter). It's only a matter of time before they are exposed to one of the other coronaviruses that just cause regular colds, spreading them through the boasting sessions without any thought. And they are partially or totally immune to this cold, so long as their immune system is in anything that remotely resembles good condition.

    But, unlike this virus, the spiritual virus of christi-SCAM-ity is nothing to mess with. The jokehovians have a spiritual disease that is way worse, which is helping push this fake election to full communism plus all the restrictions leading to mandatory DNA-ruining vaccinations, while the lockdowns and mandatory face masks at all times continue. This in turn leads all businesses, save for the biggest (Walmart, Google, and Comcast), being shut down or gobbled up by these biggest companies (and most of the Internet being shut down or turned into another cable TV). We all end up enslaved, suffering terribly (from the vaccines plus communism, not this little tiny cold), and it is all because these xian religions continue operating.

    That is the big reason why these churches and cults need to be shut down--for the far worse xian virus, not for a cold. Let the holidays continue--they have pagan or patriotic origins anyways. Let people have their fun--a dreary existence is bad for the soul. Let people go to their amusement parks, bars (please, no drink driving--that is where I draw the line because it is too dangerous for everyone), movies, to their favorite small stores (so they don't have to support walmart, China, or GE), to their exercise places (to relax--what is so bad about going to the beach, walking along the boardwalks, or to a fitness or massage place?), or in private gatherings of any size. (I do not condone the use of drugs that mess up your soul, but so long as you do not drive under the influence, you have the right to stupidity as long as you do not spread it to everyone else).

    And I hope the washtowel gets totally shut down for all the damage they have done. No holidays, no flag salute, all vacations wasted in field circus, endless rules that always go against nature, not having time to relax or for entertainment, ice cream money going to this enslavement work, not being allowed to have your favorite music to listen to--not to mention all the stupid spankings and beatings children have to endure. Adults also suffer--dating is just about forbidden, gay sex is absolutely forbidden, you are stuck with one spouse, your choices of employment or education are severely restricted, you must waste all your time in this global enslavement work, you must waste your time and summer vacation (and most people only get one or two weeks) on these Grand Boasting Sessions), endless hounding, endless rules. And pretending to be a Jewish proselyte while professing to be xian--the worst of both.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    It boggles my mind why they need khs. I mean tax payments every year. Why?. Use zoom. I doubt they will need khs next year

  • smiddy3

    Other Televangelist religions seem to be coping money-wise so I dont see why JW religion would not do so also.

    If it morphed into just a TV religion, they could still sell their merchandise and receive donations ,maybe they may not be as big as they are now ,but they could still carry on and reap the benefits of selling all of their property worldwide ,that would be in the billions of $$$$$

    When the "Writing Is On The Wall" you need to take heed of it and make the best of it.

  • pontoon
    Borg been morphing into a TV evangalist for a long time. Remember the illustration 5 meetings a week are like 5 fingers, which finger are you willing to lose? Then bye bye book study. I can see kingdom halls going but assemblies and conventions are huge money makers, millions and millions. I don't know what their latest money sucking tactics over zoom are now.
  • Funky

    They are still meeting openly, just via video. You still get guilt-tripped for missing meetings.

    In fact, it's even easier to check up and see who is missing now. Just scroll down the list of attendees and see which names are missing.

    On the other hand, it is easier than ever to "check out" mentally. Just sign onto the zoom meeting with your name displayed, turn the camera off, and go off to play video games until the meeting ends. Elders see your name and assume you are listening.

  • BourneIdentity

    The 2 biggest reasons I see them not holding meetings is

    1. The majority of JWs are in the high risk group of 60+. That is a lot of money to lose in regular donations. But it’s also an opportunity to really cash in if they have willed their home and savings to the Borg. I believe they love money, but not quite enough to desire to see their member base die off.
    2. PR. They have gotten so much negative PR in the last several years from child sex abuse and Leah Remini to name a few. The last thing they want is to be in the news like other churches who hold meetings and then the pastor and parishioners die. If the CDC had a poster child of a church example to follow for the pandemic, it would most likely be JWs. Possibly other religions are doing just as well, but from what I see, JWs are doing their best to follow everything to the T.
  • Overrated

    I could of taking classes if they started their zoom meetings along time ago. Oh that's right, they hate education until they need lawyers to advise them on all the scandal. A TV show is what Watchtower will become. I Predict that their 8 million members ( really 3 million) will drop into maybe 1 million or less.

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