Wierd Shunning Stories

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  • VW.org

    Yesterday I went to a shopping center. I saw a dub who was once a very friendly person. He was about 10 metres from me when I noticed him. He was nervously looking away then got his mobile phone out and pretended to talk on it. As I passed him he held his head down and did not make eye contact with me. I was quietly confident as all this happened. A few moments later, I thought, WTF.

    Has anyone here got any wierd shunning stories where dubs have shunned in a cowardly way?

  • Londo111

    That seems par for the course for a JW.

  • ttdtt

    Was walking down a nearby town center this past summer. We are not DFed or anything. No one has any reason to think anything of us but that we stopped coming.

    An MS and his wife from a nearby congregation (who by the way used to love love my talks) were walking toward. When we got close and he recognized us, it was like we had Ebola.

    Very sad. No love at all in this Org.


    My two Jehovah's Witness cousins and I attended a wake/funeral for a very good friend of ours. We paid our final respects to the family and sat about 4 rows from the front.

    While we were sitting, a former elder from our congregation ( who was disfellowshipped along with his wife and 2 children ) walked over and paid his respects to the family of the deceased.

    He notices my two cousins and I sitting near the front and proceeds to walk over and say hello to us. ( It's been years since we all talked to each other). As soon as my two Jehovah's Witness cousins saw the ex-elder approach us, they got up and left their seats. They sat in the back row until they saw that I was done talking to him and walked back up front as soon as he left the funeral home.

    All they had to do was say hello to him and have small talk. I always thought that disfellowshipped people were o.k. to talk to at a wake/funeral !

  • sparrowdown

    I don't mind saying that every post-fade encounter I've had with JWs has been weird AF.

    "Now they're just somebody that I used to know..."

  • stuckinarut2


    Same here. My wife and I are NOT DF or DA officially. (Although the local circuit elders HAVE ensured that the gossip mill has maligned our name and character)

    We get the coldest and rudest treatment, from ones that we did SO MUCH FOR!

    They have no sense of appreciation, loyalty or true friendship. The conditional relationships are based PURELY on a person's activity and presence at the meetings and in JW activities.

  • LongHairGal

    I have been out many years and who knows what was said about me in the gossip circuit. I neither know nor care..Quite a few JWs in the congregation have either moved away or passed away so I don’t think I’m on anybody’s radar anymore.

    Early in my ‘fade’, I ran into some JWs in stores. Some were friendly and others seemingly aloof...I just had a friendly look on my face and went about my business.

    If a Witness was agreeable we might chat and those that did were curious IMO. Whatever..I didn’t care one way or the other. Many of these people weren’t my friends decades ago so why would I care all these years later? Don’t Witnesses realize the absurdity of it all?

    So much time has passed that it (and their opinion) is all irrelevant.

  • scratchme1010
    Has anyone here got any wierd shunning stories where dubs have shunned in a cowardly way?

    When I was in the process of fading I was working with a few JWs around my age, and my boss at the time was a non-JW brother from a JW who helped me get the job. So my professional life was quite mixed in with the JWs.

    Needless to say, the JWs around me at work and I were not in a comfortable position. As I left, I also had to change jobs. After I did, they would see me, sometimes they were hanging out with the former coworkers of mine, and they did the exact same thing like you described in your case, they held their head down and did not make eye contact with me. I was quietly confident as all this happened as I said hi to them all.

    To make matters worse, they are the kind of people who love/need/have to save appearances at all times. The funny thing about it is that at that time it was news (to them) that I am gay, so my former coworkers started thinking that those two JWs were acting stupid for other reasons. It was quite hilarious to see them squirm in discomfort.

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    I find that if you see a JW squirming, scared to look at you/speak, simply be over-enthusiastic about seeing them, like they're a long lost friend:


    (try not to get a restraining order)

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    At my still in son's wedding in September there.....I was ignored by people who stood with me and my wife and congratulated her...not a glance in my direction.....yep Jan Carroll,Peter Mair and another hundred or so.....you all know who you are......God might forgive you for that pish....but I won't.

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