Do You Remember The First Time You Looked At "Apostate" Material?

by minimus 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lostandfound

    Yes, this site about 14 years ago, then ordered all Franz books and together with disgust at how a child abuse case was handledI have never been back and enjoy life now free of all petty rules and requirements. As an elder I hated CO visit, so free of all that drivel now. I would willingly tell any CO where to go n short sharp words. Why I let these tin pot nobody's rule my life disgusts me. Yes, Thank You Simon, for this eye opener .

  • ssn587
    It was reading through encyclopedias that started the awakening process.
  • Fencing

    Yes, about 6 years ago. It was an article in a newspaper site about an upcoming convention, and in the comments section someone was debating with a Witness, and posted something about how Jerusalem wasn't even destroyed in 607 and that Russell had a thing for pyramidology and claimed measurements in the Great Pyramid confirmed his dates. That was the first time I had actually read something long enough to let it sink in. I started digging up all the old Russell publications I could and read through them. It still took another few months before I had the courage to click any links that lead to this site.

    But years before, I spent a lot of time reading the experiences of ex-Mormons, I think on I realize now it was my own way of reading "apostate" material without actually reading JW apostate material. The experiences and situations were similar enough, that it kind of served the same purpose.

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