Still feel weird about things....

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  • Ding

    What you're going through is normal for someone with a JW background.

    You were indoctrinated to have these misgivings.

    Even though you know better now, emotions often lag behind.

    Give yourself time.

  • truthseeker100
  • timeheals

    Feeling free from this being JW but it still makes me think what i am doing is wrong. I left my non-jw husband for being alcoholic and walked away from family that are JW because they wanted me to try and work things out with him. I have basically turned my back on everyone and left with my kids intact.

    I am feeling free most days but sometimes things creep in and make me think am i doing something wrong. I started seeing someone as well and i am not divorced...the elders are trying to get dirt on me but most of them know i have dirt on there kids from years ago and so they are trying to find a way to DF elder was even showing up at my work place for awhile and i told them if they continue i was pressing charges...

    They creep my FB page all the time and even a friend in the hall got pulled into a elders meeting to see if he had any information on me. I have even moved away from that area but they are still trying to find out things on me.

    I havent talked to my dad since i left because he is upset and my mom is not agreeing to my lifestyle at all...I was very close to my family and now i feel alone at times but i also feel so much happier...just wondering when you don't feel like you still have to hide what you doing and completely live your life

  • Vidiot

    Beth Sarim - "I remember the dreaded hell the Children of the Borg had to go through during the Holidays!"

    "Children of the Borg", huh?

    Been reading Stephen King, much, lately? :smirk:

  • truthseeker100
    Enjoy this music it will do no one any harm LOL!! Andre is a geenius LOL Every thing is scripted. Including the photography of the video! Again compare this to the Watchtower Maladies. LOL .
  • truthseeker100

    Ah! just listen and enjoy it won't do you any harm! I promise!.You are talking to a guy that used to run a trap line as a child! LOL I had Puccini and his ilk my head.. I can't help it! I just would feel honored if you listen to the music!

    Just get anyone with a brain to listen to this Music!

  • truthseeker100
    Timeheals The Inuit Elders in Canada's North Labeled me. The brother of none LOL. I think because they couldn't figure me out based on their limited life experience. LOL Let me assure you that I am the brother all. I am not Christ though LOL!
  • JWdaughter

    Hey, my mom, who is a JW, went to my son's performance in the Messiah a few Christmases ago. My JW mom did. I think it is the most holiday'd thing she has EVER done, but she did it for her grandkid who was singing a solo in a professional choir (yes, I am bragging about it years later, ok? I acknowledge it!) . My point? It is to say that your kid's generation may eventually get your parents to do things that they would NEVER do for you. They may be able to do things for them that they would never allow you to do. It might not really change their world, but you never know. My mom saw one beautiful Christmas concert one time in her life and I know she was moved by it, in spite of her best efforts.

    I did not have a single twinge that night, btw. My son invited her and she chose to join us.

  • Mandrake
    Hey! I think it's pretty much normal. It's been me 2nd year totally out and my birthdays it's still a bit of a struggle for my mind to totally and completely enjoy, but this last time I must said I enjoyed more, so maybe it's a matter of time and release bonds and mental programming to fade...
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Dear Feeling Free, and TimeHeals,

    Really, if all of the JW stuff is made up, what is the point of being afraid of something that is not real? Remember that movie with Jim Carrie? The Truman Show?

    Once he figured out that he was just living on a TV show set, why not just go into the REAL world and live?

    Embrace life, embrace the moment.... live and love.

    Cha Ching!

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