Circuit ASSembly low-lites

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  • stuckinarut2

    I don't know how anyone can sit through that sort of stuff. The pure manipulation and propaganda is mind blowing.

    Thanks for sharing the report, I take my hat off to you for being able to sit through it


    Right off the bat in the opening prayer the praises of the governing body were spoken. Thanking the g.b. for all the "food at the proper time."

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  • WTWizard

    They have more than enough money. They are just trying to suck it away from the masses and give it to the religion headquarters, more likely than not tied to the vatican and/or the rothschilds. That keeps it out of your hands. Part time work only assists them in doing this--if they were interested only in the money, they would be expecting people to work full time in high paying jobs (and assisting them to get paid more) and expecting generous donations.

    As for me, I need my money to prepare for a potential major financial disaster ahead. With Neptune re-entering 9 Pisces this coming September 27, there is a high risk of the dollar becoming toilet paper then or soon thereafter. There is also the threat of China dumping items on the market September 30, or dumping the dollar as their means of exchange at that time, which could easily ruin the dollar. And once Hillary gets elected, they are free to render the dollar toilet paper (if it happens before then, there is a good chance that undeserving thing will not be elected)--all within the period of Neptune in 9 Pisces. Saturn in 16 Sagittarius joins Neptune in 9 Pisces on November 16, within the time frame of assisting Hillary to win the election.

    With all that potential for financial Armageddon, I need my money to buy all the silver I can get my hands on. And so does each and every member of the jokehovian congregation. When they ask for my silver, I will simply tell them that they should have bought their own damn silver instead of complying with cutbacks in work and donations for their own damnation. And, with all the astrological and political (domestic and foreign, both) aspects meaning business, they would have been wiser to disregard work cutbacks, suspend all Worldwide Damnation Fund donations, and buy and keep the silver they can get. Then, once the dollar collapses, they can use the silver to live off, and if they see fit, they can pious-sneer after without any work. Otherwise, they will work 16 hour days, 7 day weeks. Let's see if they can pious-sneer then.

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury


  • freddo

    WTWizard has a hat made of silver foil, not tin-foil.

  • sir82

    "he wished he could have taken a picture and sent it to Bro. Splane so he could see how well -------Circuit number -------- listened.

    On another thread I wondered who is the GB member with a fetish for sit-down-and-shut-up-when-the-music-starts. Now apparently we know.

    Makes sense - Splane seems to think of himself as the organization's Mozart, so he takes it personally when people ignore his bland compositions.

  • ToesUp

    Have you seen the video of Splane directing the orchestra? What a nut job he is! Thinks so much of himself! Legends in their own minds. I wonder when the GB will "be gone, in the twinkling of an eye?" Me thinks they will be in the Cayman islands! :)

  • Wayward

    Don't you just love it when the CO sneaks an important tidbit into the afternoon session when he knows no one is going to catch it? He brilliantly snuck in the hint that soon KHs are going to be sold out from under the R&F between idiotic comments on shunning and how good the little drones were being. He knew damn well at that point in the day people are too tired/bored/hungry/desperate to leave that they aren't paying attention.

    Well, dubs, that was a hint as to your future. Your halls sold and you forced to waste to YOUR time and gas money (oh wait! You don't have gas money cause you don't have a job!) driving long distances to share a hall. All so the GB can have Apple watches and fly in business class. On the up side, you will now have more travel time to sit and wonder why the hell you're doing this. With any luck, you'll wake up.

  • Crazyguy

    Since most people in the congregations can't even make ends meet working full time I can't understand how they can listen to the bullshit about working only part time. This always was a major problem with me growing up. Putting your trust in jehovah and he will provide, but he never did. My parents were poor and I struggled even when working full time. My father became a ms, pioneered, same as my mom. He then became an elder yet he never was taken care of financially by the big J. They just struggled.

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