Who are the trolly dolly jobos?

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  • OrphanCrow

    The change to a passive, non-aggressive approach in the org's advertising techniques is a deliberate legal strategy.

    The org is a legalistic organization that plays in the international theater, using their religious freedom banner to challenge and change laws. And, when need arises, they change their behavior to conform to legal standards in certain countries, often making changes worldwide to give plausibility to whatever legal conditions exist in countries they are trying to infiltrate.

    Evangelizing and proselytizing are under intense restrictions in many countries and the org has bent to those requirements. Witnessing techniques in the "free" world are being adapted to conform to restrictive countries' standards.

    The org has legal battles on the international stage. The cart witnessing strategy is just one of their rabbits in the hat.


    I also told them I was an atheist and didn't believe in god.

    Their reply, 'yes, but how do you think god feels about world conditions?'



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  • Spiral

    @OrphanCrow Interesting. We know they will change the rules or get new light as necessary. I also think that keeping the publishers mindlessly busy is a plus. Saw a cart today when I was out, and by where it was placed and the behavior of the two sisters in attendance, it was the ultimate mindless activity. They were at a drugstore entrance, but situated in such a way (i.e. on the wrong side of the walkway) that no one was stopping. Although that might have been at the request of management, it certainly didn't look productive. They also were making absolutely no effort to make eye contact with anyone.

  • OrphanCrow
    Spiral: @OrphanCrow Interesting. We know they will change the rules or get new light as necessary.

    I have been influenced by this paper here:

    Disciplined Litigation, Vigilant Litigation, and Deformation: Dramatic Organization Change in Jehovah's Witnesses


    Pauline Côté,

    James T. Richardson

    If you are able to access this paper, it is an excellent read. The changes in doctrine and behavior of the WT organization are historically traced through the lens of a legal perspective and the newest change in the preaching behavior fits what the authors propose in their "deformation" theory.

  • kairos

    My wife "works" a cart every Tuesday morning.

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