Who are the trolly dolly jobos?

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  • punkofnice

    So, I've been away from any meetings of the jobos for around 5 years. I'm glad I'm out but the fallout and loss damn near destroyed me. But, being a stiff upper lip Brit, I 'KBO. Keep buggering on!' as Mr Churchill said.

    I have reached a point where I won't be defined by my past. The GB and the corporation can bog off. I really don't care much. However, jobo stuff still interests me mildly. Probably more nostalgia than anything else; emphisis on the algia.

    I notice that when I see the jobos doing their very apathetic trolly dolly work, I don't recognise many of them. How times change!

    Not that it matters. Just felt like boring you with my crap.

  • Tallon

    Hi Punk, good to see you posting again.

    The org is continuously banging on about the urgency to preach, yet there appears to be little urgency in setting up a cart and waiting on everyone else to approach them.

  • punkofnice

    Thanks Tallon.

    I tend to spend more time watching films and going out these days.

    I have got past the shunning thing. If they don't want to talk to me they can do the proverbial off. It matters not a jot.

    So much for the urgent work.

    I still don't know who half these jobos are....I don't remember them. A few are waking up and leaving in my area too, which is logical.

  • pale.emperor

    You just try and have a theological discussion with them. They wont. They dont want to talk about the bible, god or religion. They just push their website on you.

    I tried here: https://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/5734265788563456/cart-witnesses-today-am-impressed

    Times have indeed changed. The old timers from when i was a kid would turn in their graves if they could see this.

  • punkofnice

    Paley - There are some old timers that are now asking, 'what has happened to the organisation?'

    The last time I spoke theology I got, 'go to the website it answers all your questions.'

    I also told them I was an atheist and didn't believe in god. Their reply, 'yes, but how do you think god feels about world conditions?'

    It took about 5 attempts to get through that god probably doesn't exist and therefore doesn't feel anything.

    The last time I spoke to them, I said I don't want to talk religion, can't we just talk about other stuff and be friends?

    Guess what.

    Yep. I was given a brochure and told to consult the bloody website.


  • Tallon
    ... Yep. I was given a brochure and told to consult the bloody website.

    I guess 1 Peter 3:15 bears little meaning anymore.

  • punkofnice

    Tallon - More like Luke 10:7

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    I've said this to plenty of people here in the congregation and circuit.

    The JWs were first """motivated""" to preach just to stand in front of people and play the Rutherford over agressive speeches. Then during Knorr's and Franz's rules, they invested in actual instruction to preach and then, only then, the JW became people who could moderately talk about the Bible with any average person without problems. That was a change I liked. Then, time went by and we are being told to reverse back all the progress we made and instead of actually teaching, we stand in front of people again and play the videos from JW.ORG. I think WTH. Why,? Why would they want to decrease the level of skills of their own "advertising agents".

    Then I figure out the reason. Because if they don't know the bible, they can't challenge the GB power over them. Creepy.


    Who are the trolly dolly jobos?

    Who are the trolly dolly jobos, in your neighbourhood?

    In your neighbourhood?

    In Your Neighbourhoooooo-od!

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  • Tallon
    Tallon - More like Luke 10:7

    Oooh, eating and drinking. I'm up for that ... lol

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