Can the cult really fold ?

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  • shepherdless

    There is a chance it might go bankrupt. I don't think it will, but with such poor management, it is a possibility. Unlike a lot of other religions, it is very centrally controlled, and bankruptcy would be more devastating than if it occurred in another religion. Further, I think the 7 popes at Warwick will sell every Kingdom Hall they can, before having their snouts pulled out of the trough, so there would probably not be much infrastructure left to continue the high control, if it came to that.

    I think a more likely scenario is just a gradual decline, as ardent believers die off, to the point that even shunning is an ineffective tool because shunning is too isolating for the shunner.

  • pepperheart

    YES they have moved out of central new york and are due to be moving out of central london in spite of all the other cuts they have been making since 2012 and i agree they will sell every kingdom hall off before warwick and the rank and file can be as commited as they like but it wont stop their kingdom halls being sold off

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I don't think it would ever really go bankrupt. What's going to happen is what some of us have been predicting for a few years now - they will go to digital as their income dwindles and eventually there will only be the 'lifers' and hardcore membership that keeps them up. The cost of digital vs print is on such a scale that they can afford to lose more than 90% of their membership in the upcoming years. They just have to keep a website open for that minority of people.

    How much does it cost to operate a small private coop (don't think Warwick small, think private mansion small) website for what amounts to the personal blog of a few jackasses? Their 'helpers' will always work for free, they just have to account for a small room and board, and even then, plenty of them would pay to work for them. You can basically cut the current hundreds of "Bethelites" across the world down to less than a few dozen copywriters and personal assistants and still get the 'message' out.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm thinking AM#3 father was right when he told Anthony Morris III that you can not trust them to invest money in them(WTBTS)(must have been begging for some of his inheritance to give to the WT). Anthony reasoning was that his wealthy parents were very old 80's perhaps and so couldn't reason very well as he boastfully said they didn't comprehend that he was the WBTS that the money(?) was to be given to. Sorta like Dad: " I'll get the investment back in spades"

    It's on tape of a talk AM#3 gave about contributing circulating the internet. AM#3 should have listened because he was way more mentally impared them his aging dad. Good financial advice was on his son how sad really.

    Any good business man knows you don't invest in a dooms day cult as its monetary gains are only temporary at best and dependent on a gullibility increasing of the population over time,, which ain't gonna happen.

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