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  • scratchme1010

    My thoughts as a born in are that you don't need to become the opposite of a JW if you leave. You can maintain the exact same set of morals that you keep as a JW if that's what you feel is the correct way of living. Not being a JW doesn't mean that you have to become a depraved amoral person, nor it means that you have to get involved in any event or activity that you yourself find questionable.

    The influence of the JWs is not only about how you should behave as a JW. Please understand that they also claim that people who are not JWs or (according to them, "worse") leave the JWs are supposed to become bad people with no morals. That's far from true. In fact, since you seem to be gaining understanding about their changes in what they teach, please take a look about what they let people believe about the world outside and/or people who choose to leave. Their teachings in that respect are as questionable as the blood fraction.

    I'm extremely mentally confused as to wether or not this really is Jehovah's earthly organisation, I find life hard facing up to mortality etc not having the new system hope, what nailed your decision to leave ?

    What helped me leave is that I felt that their so-called paradise on earth teaching was not exactly a reflection of how they behave. I kept thinking that if the JWs I grew up with are the ones that I will be surrounded with, it doesn't look like paradise forever. Furthermore, the idea of this entire world not being worthy of continuing living just seemed wrong to me. HOWEVER, please keep in mind that you can leave and still continue having that hope, just look for it in a place where it makes sense.

    How did you cope with world problems on news etc ? How did you fill the void ? Thanks

    By accepting that that's how life is. Using "paradise on Earth" as an escape is a pipe dream. To me that's like living link an ostrich, burring your head in the ground without realizing that your butt is all up on the air. Pretending that there's going to be a change in the entire planet like the one the WT teaches just sounds off-the wall to me. Furthermore, the WT teaches this black and white mentality about the world and tries to present everything as if it's for or against their organization (masked under the vice of "Jehovah's").

    I gained a truer perspective of what/how the world is, and it's nothing like what the WT says it is.

    I hope this helps.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Hello Midnight,

    Welcome to this forum, my favorite website. Sincere advice, humor, sympathy and understanding are all here.

    Layers of mind control can be peeled away a little at a time, by reading lots of good discussions and experiences here. Also you can see, there's great feedback and suggestions when you post.

  • smiddy

    Welcome midnight ,I`m glad you decided to take the plunge and post on this site , it takes time to adjust to question the organization without being hauled before a JC meeting .

    You can ask questions here with no fear of being hauled over the coals.

  • fukitol

    Congratulations on having awakened from your lifelong brainwashing since birth and welcome to reality and the human race.

    You are strong and courageous to be where you are right now in your journey away from religious brainwashing and indoctrination.

    Be kind to yourself and stay grounded in reality.

  • iwasblind

    Hi Midnight

    We had a similar dilemma being born in's and waking up in our forties. The old "where are we to go", "what is out there".

    We still believe in God but we have found:

    • Nearly everyone we meet christian or not are really really good people
    • The longer we are away from them the closer we get to God
    • God does not have an organisation - infact Jesus wanted people to worship
      him in different ways by Spirit.
    • They have mistranslated the Bible and skewed the most basic of teachings
    • You don't need a building to go to with a group of people that you don't like to worship God.

    I would suggest take your time, study what the athiests say as much as the scripture itself.

    Try connect with God and see what happens also. I can't deny my connection to him as my Father.
    I have too many things that have happened over the past few years - but that is my journey I am
    sure you will have your own as many here do.

    If you want any help on the scriptural side I would be more than happy to help and share just PM me.

    And by the way - congratulations - this journey is by no means easy but when you find true freedom
    there is nothing like it.

  • stuckinarut2

    Welcome, and sincere love to you on your journey.

    This is a safe place, with people who have travelled a similar path.

    Rather than allowing it to be overwhelming, view this stage of life as a chance to really grow and develop as a genuine person, not just a clone of the society.

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