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  • Fisherman
    surplus in donations

    I don't know what he meant. But I disagree that donations are covering expenses because SL Jan 2016 broadcast shows no inflow and for the reasons SBF posted.

  • konceptual99

    SBF you are right about the cross branch donations for literature production. It will be very interesting to see how the UK fares over the coming years now they are not producing the literature but taking it from Germany. Presumably the donation flow will start to go the other way.

    I also know from people with first hand experience of working in the UK accounting office that historically the UK has always had a good surplus and sent millions to other branches, including the US. Again, what the future holds is questionable but at least with the requirement for the UK charities to publish their accounts it will be possible to see any changes if they happen.

  • pale.emperor

    A splinter group will form. Within "our generation" (pun intended).

    Im guessing Tony Tightpants will be a catalyst in this, either the rank and file will get fed up with him or he'll be the one to cause the schism.

    The next generation of GB will be worse than these and i expect whatever Watchtower 2.0 morphs into will be worse than this.

    Watch this space.

  • _Morpheus

    Slim.. im getting dizzy trying to keep with your ever evolving stance on the orgs status... first it was “ they are going to collapse at any minute”... then collapse in 10 years... then maybe in a generation, back and forth between imminent and decades a few times, all the while saying you think they are in trouble because the rubber faced clown lett said so on a broadcast.

    now we get a post where someone claims that a few branches, including the US, are still making money (WITHOUT LITERATURE SALES!!!!!) and you believe it.

    for god sake slim, of course the richest countries on the world have membership that carries the org. Of course they do. I bet japan and other first world nations are fine as well but wernt mentioned in this third hand account. Your willingness to believe this is proof of just how unconvinced you really are of your position and frankly just how little you have considered it.

    You argue for days that literature sales are 100% necessary to make people donate but you one third hand account saying no the us still makes money and you without hesitation accept it. You would be worthless in a court of law.

  • Chook

    An octopus is the best analogy for the jw church it’s tentacles get into all members bedrooms, it’s a filthy dirty church.

  • TD


    By that i mean no more than the mormons use. It would never be a df’ing offense but it would disqualify them from “privileges”

    I guess I'm not understanding how that would work in the real world.

    In addition to the benefits I've already pointed out, loss of "good standing" in the LDS faith means you're no longer published in (Mormon) business directories, which can be huge, as unlike the JW's, Mormons serve on state legislatures, city councils, school boards, zoning commissions, etc. and are in a position to favor each other. Loss of "good standing" means you can't be married in a temple, which in their religion, is a big, screaming deal . (Temple marriages are not dissolved by death.)

    What does loss of "good standing" mean to a JW? That you can't be an "elder" or a "ministerial servant?" That you can't carry a microphone?

    Of course, as a UBM, I may be uninformed here. Maybe the loss of these things would be devastating to a JW.

  • slimboyfat

    Why the uncertainty about timing of collapse?

    Simply because we don't know how much money Watchtower has on hand. We do know they have a revenue problem and there is no apparent solution in sight. So on this trajectory they will run out of money at some point. How long this will take depends on how much money they have in reserve and how skilful they are at managing decline. These things are not easy to determine.

    Of course there is also the possibility they will reverse the decline. It's just not easy to see how.

  • LV101

    How true -- "Watch this space." Thought this topic had ended but still ongoing and interesting.

    I do know many people don't have the negative impression about Mormans like they do JWs - even though Mormans have some weirded out beliefs -- or did! Seems the younger generation want to be part of the religion in comparison to JWs. Mormans spent millions and millions past 15 yrs. going mainstream but JWs would be starting from ground zero to take on such an endeavor. Maybe they can borrow from the Mormans - they rent the Morman's property for assemblies or whatever they're called today. Actually, it's a small Morman college in another city/state.

    I've certainly ascertained couple of positives about the GB here - I'm amazed.

  • LV101

    What a contrast Mormans are today (compared to most JWs and the ones I knew decades ago - still know a couple of yrs. ago). Attended a art bazaar - handcrafted event of Mormans. Unreal -- all the young women dressed in designer carrying Gucci, Louie Vitton, Chanel - driving BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, etc., many with little ones - designer strollers, etc. I couldn't believe the higher echelon of younger people. The ones I knew yrs ago were just the avg. person - of course, designer everything wasn't as prevalent or available nor was affordable for them. It's just normal for these people -- or the ones I've known recently.

    They love their church -- I recall yrs ago the events they held for their young people - dances, full support and unreal gifts for their young couples marrying. Total contrast to the witnesses many decades ago.

    Mormans I knew yrs ago referred to everything nice as "worldly" and looked down on what they all wear and do today -- unreal!

  • _Morpheus

    Slim... pay attention.... you just accepted a report (third hand at best) that the org has a surplus, today, right now, in many countries with NO literature sales. Your whole basis for saying they were done was you couldnt understand how they were making it with no literature sales.... please attempt to reconcile those two opposing points of view.

    td... i cannot and will not theorize about what specific mechanisms the wt would use to enforce tithing because i dont think it would be nessary to enforce much. Simple cult fear and peer presure forces dubbies to do all kinds of things evem now that otherwise reasonable people wouldnt do. They shun mothers fathers and children over man made rules! They willingly die by refusing standard medical treatment! How hard is it believe that they would donate a percentage of their income for god sake??

    Lets review: its a cult. They do what they are told.

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