Are cats for true Christians?

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Right, that's it then. Evil, peeing, fornicating little bastard has to go.

    Off with his head

  • barry

    My exwife was studying with the witnesses a few months ago, she loves cats and has two of them. Anyway I sent that artical to her she could see the funny side. Barry

  • smack

    Christians don't own cats.... cats have staff!


    I would not see harm come to a cat.....BUT

    NO CATS ALLOWED in Rayzorblade's house.

    Baby & Nim, along with their human counterpart, Rayzorblade vote: 3 to 0 against cats.

  • startingover

    Check this out. I can't remember where I got this but I seem to remember it was on this forum. Sorry I can't give credit where credit is due.

    Easing Nature- Is it for Christians?

    “Easing nature”. the very phrase itself brings to mind the odious product of this activity. Yet, many people have the understanding that this natural bodily function is a practice in which true Christians may engage. But what does God’s Word, the Bible, have to say? Is easing nature appropriate for Christians?

    Jehovah, in His wisdom, addressed the practice of easing nature twice in the Hebrew Scriptures. Not surprisingly, this is exactly the same number of times that the scriptures address the pagan observance of birthdays, so we can understand this as a pattern that Jehovah used in drawing the matter to the attention of His Faithful and Discreet Slave, as a practice noteworthy for true Christians.

    What do the scriptures say regarding persons who practiced easing nature? Were they people who had God’s divine approval? 1Samuel 23:3-5 describes the first king of Israel, Saul, as being one who eased nature. However, although Saul initially enjoyed God’s favor as Israel’s anointed king, at the time when the scriptures mention his easing nature, he had already lost Jehovah’s blessing. He had already presumptuously made a sacrifice to Jehovah without the benefit of priestly assistance. He was currently engaged in hunting down God’s newly appointed king and Saul’s own replacement on God’s throne, David. And later still, Saul consulted with the witch of En-dor, having succumbed fully to his apostate leanings. Obviously, his easing nature was further evidence of his lack of godly devotion, as the practice is never mentioned when Saul had God’s favor. Surely, dear brothers, we can see the seriousness of this matter!

    The second person mentioned in the scriptures on this very serious matter was the Moabite king Eglon. Not only was he extremely obese, having been run through by an 18-inch sword which was apparently swallowed up by his body fat, he also constructed a room for the specific purpose of easing nature. (Judges 3:18-25) The fact that God’s judgment befell him while he was in the midst of easing nature, at the hands of God’s servant Ehud, reminds us of how serious this matter really is, as it indicates even further God’s extreme displeasure with this practice.

    Some Christians may be concerned upon learning of this enlightening spiritual direction from Jehovah’s spirit-directed organization. They may question and complain, noting that they have been easing nature their whole lives and have had no spiritual detriment come to them. They may say that easing nature is a natural bodily function of all God’s animate creatures, that because we have been created with this ability that we have the right to use it. But is this the scriptural viewpoint? Remember that in the beginning, God created man in his own image. (Genesis 1:27) And we know that being spirit, Jehovah certainly does not Himself ease nature. But at the same time, God created mankind with the ability to ease nature, just as He had with the lower animals. Jesus recognized the human tendency to give in to fleshly desires, including the easing of nature, however he encouraged his followers, “You must accordingly be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48.

    Does this mean that we can never again ease nature? It may take time for true Christians to become accustomed to not being enslaved to their bodies as they may have been easing nature for many decades. There may be times when the urge to ease nature overcomes us. Jehovah will forgive those striving to do His will, knowing that Awe are dust. - Psalm 103:14.

    Consider the blessings we can experience in no longer easing nature. How much time do you currently use in caring for bathroom activities like easing nature? Would not a more fitting use of the time be to spend it in the glorification of Gods name and the spreading of the good news to others?

    Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls currently have facilities for easing nature. These are still a loving provision for visitors and our dear children who do not yet have Bible-trained bowels. But think of the wonderful privilege of being able to enjoy the entire meeting or assembly program without having to waste time in facilities meant for weaker ones who have not overcome the need to ease nature.

    What are the benefits that can be enjoyed by true Christians from applying this godly counsel? First, we have the knowledge that we are glorifying Jehovah and not using our bodies in a way that would merit his displeasure. Further, we will benefit from the knowledge that indeed “our shit don’t stink” by reason that we have not produced any. What a fitting retort to opposers who hurl these taunts at us! Third, we will be able to devote more time to personal study, field ministry and paying close attention at meetings and assemblies. The ability to pray with a clean conscience and draw closer to Jehovah should be the desire of our hearts, and when we become more like Him in not easing nature, we should feel especially glad of our relationship with Jehovah.

    Many may find it difficult to make the transition to this new way of life. Our brothers have many helpful suggestions. This experience from the United States brings us much joy: “Our family decided to eat only mashed potatoes in an effort to quit easing nature. Not only have we almost eliminated the need for bathroom facilities in our home, but we managed to save several hundreds of dollars in our food purchases each month, which we have been able to donate to the worldwide preaching work.” A sister in Europe gladly informed us: “A constant diet of mashed potatoes reminded me of the constant supply of spiritual food we receive in the publications and at meetings. I have not only quit easing nature along with the rest of my family, but I realized that I had selfishly been pursuing frivolous unscriptural matters whenever I went food shopping, cooked fancy meals or spent time growing vegetables in the garden. The amount of time I have saved has allowed me to devote more time to the preaching work. I am happy to report that I have been able to auxiliary pioneer for the last six months!” Even young ones appreciate this loving provision: “My name is Timmy and I am 12 years old. Once I realized that easing nature was as bad as celebrating birthdays, I made up my mind to stop. Sometimes I get urges to ease nature the same way I sometimes feel like going to a birthday party would be fun. But my parents helped me and we prayed about it and read the Bible together and it helped a lot”

    Yes, true Christians from all over the globe are eager to take this timely admonition to heart. The benefits of applying God’s wisdom await all lovers of Jehovah, and far outweigh the momentary pleasure of engaging in easing nature. These blessings are just a small glimpse of the wonders that await all who survive Armageddon and remain on earth in God’s righteous new order.

  • Maverick

    I guess Armageddon will be Gods version of a high colonic for the world! I know a lot of Elders that have not "eased nature" for a long time, and are they full of it. As a side note I heard an Atlanta radio station state that Politicians are like diapers, they should be changed often...and for the same reason! Maverick

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