The downfall of the Governing Body

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  • john.prestor

    In a book I read a while back by the sociologist Randall Collins he says truly powerful people don't get angry because they get what they want in other ways, and he shows a picture of two runners where the one who's losing looks at the girl that passes her rather than ahead at the finish line, guess she doesn't wanna win the race after all. I want to apply these to the Governing Body and their actions, the pattern of their actions, in printing all the hateful rhetoric against people like us and why l'm pretty sure, pretty damn confident in fact, it's all downhill from here... thanks to them and them alone.

    The moment you let somebody get in your head and let them stay there they beat you, they win, they establish power, We got in their heads, they know we present a threat to them, we won't shut up, we're more brazen than we used to be, we're in the news, we're on TV, we're online we're at conventions we're in the Kingdom Halls, hell we're just about everywhere. Yeah, we don't have this completely down yet, sometimes we come on too strong or do something stupid, and I'm pointing the finger at myself here too, but for the most part we know how to fight this battle: we drag them into the light when they wanna hide in the dark like jackals lurking in the woods sneaking up on weak and wounded deer. That's why they're always ranting and raving about us in their magazines, throwing little verbal tantrums and hissyfits like the spoiled brats they are, got used to their cushy lifestyle and they're afraid they'll lose it. They focus and fixate on us, we're in their head and they can't get us out. And all they do by printing those ad hominem attacks and pedantic name-calling is raise people's curiosity, at least, the one's who know something's wrong already and can and will wake up when they're good and ready.

    More people than we think already got a good measure on them, that's why the Governing Body started hurting for money in 2015 and revealed themselves as the televangelists they made themselves so they could see their image on the screen like some new world Narcissus, what fools, they have no charisma no charm no confidence, they either drone in monotone or look downright bizarre and fake, Stephen Lett anyone, none of them can compete with a Joel Olsteen type, they don't have the looks either... and we all know it. Gerrit Losch won't appear in court but tells school children to debate their teachers on evolution? Tony Morris flees a journalist in the street after making up some pretense about going upstairs to preach the good news of the kingdom? Pitiful. Just pitiful. They're no Charles Taze Russell openly debating ministers and writing editorials, putting his name to a photodrama he played all around the United States, they're no Joseph Rutherford broadcasting his caustic speeches all over the radio like James Penton put it. They have no pride they have no spine, they're no longer an asset to the company. They wallow in anger. We're deep in their head and we ain't coming out until we drive them absolutely mad.

    We will win in the long run as long as we fight in the light and play by the rules, not their rules but the state's rules because enough states are getting wise to them too, and soon I expect they'll take them down slowly, revoke their charity status, hell, maybe lock a few of them up even, the Australian Royal Commission already made them look like fools and called them out on their cruelty and nonsense. I can't wait till more states climb on board the ship we chartered and sail into a new and brighter future.

    We've already won. To the vast apostate army whether we call ourselves that or not: all hail the underdogs, all hail the new kings.

  • slimboyfat

    Indeed, very true. When Gary Breaux came out and said they would never change their rules because of “apostate” pressure, it was clear they have lost it. It’s all over bar the shouting.

  • Biahi

    John Preston, you are so right! Now, if I could only wake up my mom, sigh.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Well said john. You are right in saying we are in their heads and in many ways we have won. Still the damage they have inflicted on all of us still remains. Many wounds to be healed, many broken spirits to be fixed. Many battles have been won and lost but the war remains to be won.

    Many years ago when I was new to this board I was told the hurt caused by the wt. will remain with me forever. I now realize this is true but you can turn all that hurt into something good in your life. Making sure everyone you know learns how harmful all cults are and how to recognize what a cult is. Taking off your cult personality and putting on your authentic personality. To me this is how the war is won. Take care. Still Totally ADD

  • MeanMrMustard

    I agree that this incarnation of the GB is nowhere as creative as, say, Fred Franz. But just to note: the WT has been printing negative rhetoric about non witnesses and apostates since it’s inception. This is nothing new.

    I don’t think it is their downfall... The religion will continue, but slowly decline. That is the only way it can happen, painfully, dragging out over decades as more and more people come in contact with good information.

    I think the decline will have more to do with the Information Age than apostates driving the GB crazy.

    (note: the GB may crazy regardless of any apostate action)

  • johnamos

    Hey Gary Breaux,

    In regards to their applying the two-witness rule the following article shows that if a husband admitted to his wife that he was with another woman (sexually), that the wife could write a letter stating that and she could be free to remarry if she chose to get a divorce.

    The article is not downplaying the Bible counsel in regards to the two-witness rule; it is merely stating what should be done in a case when an act as taken place but there is no second (human) witness. It is saying that the sister (wife) is one witness and if she is telling the truth then Jehovah can be the second witness so they will just take her at her word and leave it between her and Jehovah.

    So someone who has been sexually abused should not have to have the second (human) witness if they too wrote a letter documenting that they were abused by so and so.


    The walls of the WTBTS are being cracked but nobody is breaking down the walls.

    We have internet videos and books exposing all their lies, elders resigning, no new members besides Jehovah's Witness children, contributions dwindling, teens leaving in droves, layoffs at the WTS headquarters, pedophile lawsuits in the millions, closings of Kingdom Halls all over the world, the printing of books and magazines is barely alive, and many other things exposing and bringing the downfall of the WTBTS.

    Just like it takes a pack of Hyenas to injure and defeat a lone lion, the WTBTS is wounded but not defeated. Their billions of dollars and lawyers will keep it alive. This corporation will use all measures to stay alive.

    The 800 lbs. gorilla is the only thing that will break down the wall. ( Government intervention and a mass exodus of its faithful members)

  • Victor

    Before becoming a JW, I was a fan of Herbert W. Armstrong (Worldwide Church of God). By my criteria this group is also a cult built around Herbert. After his passing his son Ted took over then he was excommunicated but the faithful or power hungry leadership rebranded and restructured. The JW's will survive in some form or fashion or splinter off as the followers of Russell did after the power struggle with Rutherford.

    All one has to do is study primitive religions to understand the human need to explain the future. In ancient times drinking the religious Koolaid of the shamans, was a form of insurance to have the protection of the tribe. They were the anointed negotiators with the myriads of gods.

  • john.prestor

    MeanMrMustard, Victor, Rules and Regulations, you're right. They'll shrink and dwindle into obscurity, I'd give them a hundred more years, maybe even two or three hundred. Look at Calvanism, there's a few of them out there still but they've lost all influence nobody pays attention to them anymore or believes much less knows what they have to say. And yet they shaped the course of history back in the 17th century by fueling the Protestant revolution. Let Jehovah's Witnesses burn down to ash, to a few smoldering motes. The bells already rolling their end. The night is over, and the sun rises slowly, ever so slowly but yet triumphant, out of the darkness.

    Biahi, slimboyfat, Totally Still ADD, thanks for your kind words. We fight together, all of us now.


    I don’t believe we can predict what will happen to the Org, because I doubt the GB are actually in charge. The current GB could themselves be sacrificed and the Org could continue after “Jesus” cleaned house.

    What a genius solution. The GB were false. They’ve been removed and now “The Truth” can eventually be adjusted! Preferably from a donation/on-line only program..

    One thing is sure, the GB are like the squabbling, inbred offspring of a once great ruler. The Empire will never be the same.


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