I have been living in a Quiet world

by rebelfighter 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Giordano

    Come to think about it DOC I think I did hear it right.

  • Phizzy

    I like the bit about how your device "snaps on and off" , that means you can, out of choice, go back to your Quiet World ?

    I have good hearing for an old guy like me, which as I live in the NOISIEST PLACE ON EARTH !!! means that I cannot "turn off".

    I just saw on Facebook a device that may help me, I hope it ain't too expensive !

    Meantime, welcome to your new world of hearing, just a warning, what you may have thought were silent Farts probably weren't.

  • rebelfighter


    The snap on and off is for the shower, swimming pool and bedtime. OH, when I just want to turn someone off I just need to reach behind my ear and touch the button and like majic silence will return. My dil says I am very lucky because my 2 year old grandson has no volume control button installed on his voice as of yet.

  • smiddy

    rebel , I`m glad that technology has made your life a little bit more enjoyable ,if JW`s had their way we would be still living in the dark ages.

    Wait on Jehovah

    No higher Education

    Postpone your goals till the New System in paradise.

    Where would we be today if they had been in control since Adam and Eves Day ?

    I hate to think.

  • rebelfighter

    Yes Smiddy the idea of waiting on Jehovah would never of cut it with me. Since higher education is a big part of my goal for all kids that would have been a huge clash.

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