I have been living in a Quiet world

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  • rebelfighter

    Till yesterday it seems my world was very quiet. My kids and friends kept telling me you are so hard of hearing. Finally I got tired of asking them to repeat what they had just said. My only option was a Baha which is a titanium rod in the bone behind the ear because of all the damage to the ear canal and the ear drum. After the rod attached to the bone which took one month, they gave me the Baha which snaps on and off. This works as a hearing device.

    WOW, now I can hear people around me talking very clearly BUT wait now they are laughing because I have discovered the world is not silent. The cafeteria has very noisy trays they clang, people make lots of noise in a cafeteria. We then went to a shopping center and parked the car when we got out of the car WOW all those cars going by are not as quiet as they used to be!! They are loud!! Then we went home -- it used to be this really quiet place. First I encountered the pool guy great now I will be able to hear him never could before. He has one powerful voice I heard him c l ear inside the house. LOL. Next came the lawn guy with his big machine, that is one LOUD piece of equipment. I used to sit outside while he cut the grass thinking that is one quiet mower.

    So we are all sitting in the house and I am still trying to adjust to some of these sounds when something all of sudden goes away. I asked what just cut off or whatever noise just went away? The air conditioning just turned off. Ahhhh it makes that sound all the time? Then when my back was turned someone decided to get ice from the ice maker!!!! OK, I am not sure if I am ready for all this noise. I think I liked my quiet world this is definitely going to take some getting used to!!!

  • Giordano

    I like the quiet more then the noise for sure.

    As I've gotten older I react to noise differently. A dropped pot will make me jump and I feel like covering my ears.

    Almost impossible to have a conversation with a person standing next to me in a crowded room where everyone is talking at the same time.

    Stopped going to restaurants where the acoustic's allow for too many sounds to interfere with normal conversation......... the kind of place that makes it sound like your hearing two or three different conversations going on at the same time.

    Can't be around loud machinery.

    On the other hand I can hear the very low winning sound coming from a ceiling fan two rooms away.

    I've come to understand why people need hearing aids, walkers and a regiment of prescriptions to adjust for the changes.

    I often have to interpret what someone says to me in a crowded room.

    "Hello Gio your looking fit!"

    What I hear is: "Hell Gio your looking lik shit!"

  • rebelfighter

    I know the dropped pot feeling. When they used the ice maker yesterday that was just to much BUT it has always made that noise Mom. Haha not in my world of sound.

    I am loving hearing the voices again.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I often have to interpret what someone says to me in a crowded room.

    "Hello Gio your looking fit!"

    What I hear is: "Hell Gio your looking like shit!"

    Could it be that you really did hear it right in the first place?

  • millie210

    So happy with your good results Rebel!

    That was really fun to read and see (or I should say "hear") it all through your viewpoint.

  • BluesBrother

    Glad to read of your good results with it Rebel.... I had never heard of a Baha before so that is something learned.

    Like others on here I too am more sensitive to loud noise (wretched loud "music" in shops for example ) and I am more distracted by multiple noises. It is all part of the aging process , I guess

  • rebelfighter

    Thank you Millie,

    The greatest part was taking my 2 two year old grandkids to the appointment (they waited in reception area) it was their voices I wanted first. What a delight to truly hear them and take them out to eat.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Awesome, I will have to look into it for my dad ; - )

  • rebelfighter


    Up until yesterday not much of anything was very loud to me. LOL.

    My daughter just graduated with a degree for deaf education and when my hearing test was completed I sent her a copy. Her response Mom if you were an elementary student they would go straight to American Sign Language and you would be eligible for the School for the Hearing Impaired.

  • rebelfighter

    Cha ching,

    It is great. I am in the yard with my grankids, I can hear every word they say and my granddaughter loves the birds AND we both now can hear them!!

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