First exchange in years about JW religion with my wife...

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  • Wayward

    You're right, Baker. A blood transfusion is just a tissue/organ transplant. When transfused blood enters the body, it isn't digested. It performs the same function it did in the donor. Blood is still blood just as a donor kidney goes on being and acting like a kidney.

    I am a proud blood donor. Where do JWs who accept blood fractions think they would be without people like me?

  • NVR2L8

    My wife occasionally jokes about her carnivorous appetite which is a hint for me to grill a couple of juicy steaks on the barbecue. Although the bovine has been bled, we all know that every trace of blood hasn't been flushed out of the meat. But I won't even attempt to bring this up. Thanks Vanderhoven for reminding me the illustration about abstaining from meat shouldn't prevent you from accepting a kidney transplant.

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