First exchange in years about JW religion with my wife...

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  • NVR2L8

    Today my wife showed me the new medical directive and power of attorney form she got at the meeting. Surprisingly she asked if I wanted to fill mine! I have been inactive for 6 years and I don't go close to any JW gatherings because I don't want friends who only care for me unless I share their beliefs. So when I declined she asked what would happen in case of an emergency. I told her I would trust the doctors to provide the best medical care to save my life. She said that she would prefer dying than talking blood or even blood fractions. I told her I used to agree with her but the numerous changes in the blood policies of the WT raised doubts in me that these were human rules and not divine. Her reply was that accepting fractions is a conscience matter to which I said accepting other components of blood should be the same. Can you show me in the bible where it says which blood fractions are acceptable and which are forbidden? Does abstaining from blood means more than not eating it? I gave her the example of abstaining from alcohol doesn't prevent you from using some as a this she replied: ALCOHOL YOU DRINK IS NOT THE SAME AS ALCOHOL YOU USE TO DISINFECT A WOUND. After such a poorly reasoned answer I chose to end the conversation. My only concern now is that she tells an elder that I won't fill in the medical directive and that they start asking questions.

    On a positive note we managed to keep our cool but all hopes of reasoning with her are gone...she can only repeat the WT brainwashed bull shit.

  • TerryWalstrom


    So, logically, if Life must be respected, how is dying respectful?

    What is the purpose of the Laws of the Sons of Noah? To allow Gentiles to be viewed as Righteous even though they don't have to follow the Law of Moses (contained the Levitical injunctions.)

    The Priests slit the throats of living animals and the blood went on the altar. Why? Under the Law, the blood of an innocent animal was a proxy for the human sinner.

    Jesus once and for all time traded his blood for all mankind's sinners.

    So, the respect for Blood is now respect for Jesus' sacrifice.

    When the Jerusalem council gave its opinion on Gentile converts, it passed along the Laws of the Sons of Noah a PRE-CHRISTIAN and PRE-JUDAIC set of standards.

    That's all.

    No big deal.


    The Jewish saying is : He who saves one life saves the world entire.

    Jesus gave one life and saved the world entire.

  • GrreatTeacher

    It's a phobia. An indoctrinated phobia.

    Phobias don't respond to logic or reason.

  • Crazyguy

    You should of asked why it's not ok to have a blood transfusion if it's human blood but ok when it's cows?

  • ctrwtf

    Actually, one would never use ethanol to clean a wound. Maybe rubbing or isopropyl alcohol would be more appropriate although not medically recommended. Usually an anti bacterial soap and water are best.

    I would rather drink enough ethanol to not feel the pain of the wound than to use it to disinfect said wound.

    So while your DW is technically correct, I still would decline to fill out the stupid blood card. Cheers!

  • nonjwspouse


    ethanol has been used for centuries to clean wounds. It's not quite as effective as isotropol alcohol for that, but it is effective.

    Just an FYI.

    ethanol double duties as a pain killer when consuming it st the same time. isotropol would kill you if you drank it.

  • steve2

    I'm afraid her fingers are in her ears. Expect to hear from the elders. This will not end well - unless you strategize.

  • Carol1111

    NVR2L8 quote:


    Blood put directly into a vein is not the same as blood eaten..

    For a start, nothing has died by transfusing blood given voluntarily.

  • smiddy

    Why is accepting blood fractions a conscience matter ? For Jehovah`s Witnesses ?

    Blood fractions only exist because of blood donated by worldly people ( Jews , Catholics, Protestants , Atheists ,etc.. all non JW`s ) ,that is then processed in a laboratory to make up the different fractions .

    That Blood is not poured out on the ground as the scriptures command , but is stored , also a violation then broken down into fractions and used in medical procedures , all in violation of the scripture ," blood is to be poured out on the ground".not to be used for anything.

    The double standards Jehovah`s Witnesses go to to rationalize their beliefs is unbelievable , even funny , if not for the seriousness of the consequences.


  • Bonsai

    You've been inactive for six years and you still give a darn what the elders will think? Who cares what they think. Tell them you haven't been to a meeting in years and they can eff off. It amazes me how much power these people have over our lives still. I can't begin to describe the joy I had when I was finally in a position (very recently) to be able to tell the elders to get the hell off my property!

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