Fishing and JW's???

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  • blondie

    I was in one circuit in an area of the US where hunting is a religion, a rite of passage. The COs learned not to schedule a visit in certain congregations because the elders had a standing trip up north to hunt deer. He would come the first time and find that if he was lucky, one elder would be there.

    Also, many poor areas depend on hunting and fishing to put food on the table for their families. A concept strange to areas of the world where hunting is severely restricted and costly. Here a fishing license is $10, my fishing rod is mine for years with a few repairs, or I can borrow from the guy next door. I'm in easy range of 4 lakes, 3 rivers, some with period from spring to fall, and ice fishing in the winter. Small game like squirrel and rabbit are determined by safety in eating. The cost of food in this way is almost free and more nutritious than that at the store. My gun hunting days are over due to my arthritis, but I do occasionally take the 22 rifle and go out for small game. It's amazing that men who no longer have to worry about providing food for themselves or others has any concept of how much time it takes to get food.

  • cappytan

    Can I buy meat at the grocery store? Yes.

    Do I hunt for the joy of the hunt? Yes.

    Do I eat anything I hunt? Yes.

    Is it necessary for me to hunt in order to survive? No.

    Why do I hunt? Because I would rather get my meat from a free ranging animal than a factory farmed one any day of the week. I also prefer to get my meat from an animal that is an invasive species in my country. For example, Wild Hog. Wild Hog destroy native habitat in the United States, and are a nuisance. Humans are the only effective predator for the Wild Hog. There aren't enough wolves and mountain lions for hogs to make a dent in their population.

    Do I also hunt other native species? Yes, in particular deer. However, as other legitimate hunters, I use restraint and practice selective harvest. If you don't know the conservation reasons behind selective harvest, I suggest you research it.

    If you don't agree with hunting because it's "cruel," I suggest you go 100% vegan and never buy anything with leather or wool.

    If you are 100% vegan, STFU. You're worse than JW's when it comes to pushing your beliefs on others.

  • Fisherman
    The WT position is that it is not proper for a christian to hunt or fish for sport, but they leave it up to the conscience of the person. But they do not teach that it is wrong to fish or hunt for business or food. But they teach that it is a sin to be cruel to animals.
  • LV101

    Didn't someone post a picture of the Gov. Body's airplane that they use to fly into remote areas for fishing? Seems the plane had some difficulties (minor crash) and needed very expensive repairs. Maybe this was all hype? Of course they're privileged for fishing and the R&F are just slaves.

  • Scully

    That would totally be ironic - Jesus calling his disciples to be "fishers of men", and JWs not allowed to go fishing.

    If it were true, and I find it highly unlikely that it is, that might well be the straw that breaks the camel's back with a lot of JWs who enjoy leisurely days fishing.

  • Alive!

    Fisherman got it.

    My perception was that sport (game) fishing was considered unchristian - but fishing for food was all good.

  • Listener

    Thanks to WiFi Bandit I've now got access to the W Library

    W 1950 5/15

    On the other hand, there are some things that are lawful or unlawful depending upon the purpose. Hunting and fishing, when done solely for sport, are condemned by the Scriptures. It is selfish and wicked to deprive a creature of life merely for the thrill of pitting one’s powers against it or to satisfy the lust to kill. But game and fish are among the good things that God has provided for man, and therefore it is entirely right and proper to hunt and fish for clothing and food.

  • Alive!
    Great reasoning from the WT on this subject.
  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    I haven't heard of this one before. But the BOE and the fanatical pioneers in my old congregation would make up rules all the time. Just boggles my mind why anyone would want to stay involved in a high control group that allows no decision making.
  • fulano
    @Blondie....must be a great place to live where you live!

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