Lett facial ticks from a stroke/aneurysm?

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  • oldskool

    His delivery to so precisely timed to the Theocratic Ministry School guidebook, I would not be surprised if he believed it was the only book ever made.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    JWs will say just about anything - however silly or untrue - to defend their manipulative organization and its questionable leaders.

  • sir82

    Somebody once posted on here that he has a severe stammer or stutter, and the exaggerated goofy faces are a way to force himself to slow down and not stutter / stammer. As I recall, the poster said it is a common "trick" used by those with such an issue, albeit generally not done to the extreme he does it.

    That explanation would make sense, though I have no idea how true it is.

    If it were true, though, you'd think they'd let it leak somehow, rather than keep quiet and subject the guy to ridicule.

    IMHO, better to let the world know you stutter than to let the world think you are a spastic moron.

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