IS the bOrg running out of blokes to serve(tm)?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    In our area, (from my limited point of view as a POMO) I see many young guys "stepping up to the plate". I'm talking 30- and 40-somethings (young to me). Really don't know any of the 20-somethings to comment on what they are doing. I think when WTS said that a guy better be an MS if you'd consider him qualified to marry, it motivated some of them.

  • Gayle

    Seems they may be running out of any existing "partakers" that can even replace their existing GBs as they age, and lack any impressive speaking 'television' projection ability, and sanity. Though their "remnant" numbers may be increasing, any impressive "remnant" doesn't exist. I wonder if a modern day "Rutherford" (person or group) will step up and try to take over!

  • Vidiot
    punkofnice - "IS the bOrg running out of blokes to serve(tm)?"


    It is, suspect, one of the big reasons they want to keep the R&F from fully grasping the scope of the pedo problem...

    ...'cause they'd end up running out of guys to run the show at the grassroots level...

    ...and good luck keeping said R&F in line if/when that happens.

  • Phizzy

    This was happening well over a Decade ago. I remember when a C.O wanted to split our Congregation in to two.

    This was 12 or 14 years ago. The Elders had resisted for a while, we were the largest Congo. in the Circuit, but they just knew that that the calibre of guy needed to be an Elder or M.S was not there.

    The C.O persuaded them to appoint three or Four Elders, maybe five, and about 10 or so M.S, all of whom were a real surprise to the Congo, except perhaps for one, a really nice young guy, appointed Elder, and now is a C.O. and moved on of course.

    As the old guys die off, both Congos. now struggle with people at the helm who are ill qualified, and do more harm than good.

    The Org is moribund.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    25 years ot wasted life. No pension or pay doing the bidding for the borg. Working 40 hour week to make a living and working another 20 to 30 hours a week for the borg. Who in their right mind would want to do this? Since leaving I have got to know serveral retired ministers of diffrent faiths. Both are getting a pension and was paid during their time serving. The thing is we who were elders were doing the same thing they were doing and I feel we were doing more. The borg are experts in pulling the wool over our eyes and boy did they screw alot of people by not giving them a there just dues. As far as I am concerned they stole a big part of my life for a lie. Still Totally ADD

  • smiddy3

    Well said S.T.A. about Elders ,M.S. and the rank and file members .

    Question ? do C,O,`s or D.O.`s get a pension ? after their time of service ? Or are they also discarded on the heap of ,they are just volunteers and not in the employ of JW,WT religion.

    Are we now looking forward to seeing many more sisters with head coverings doing the things that brothers should be doing ?

    Surely this would be the writing on the wall ,as far as the JW religion is concerned.

  • Vidiot

    Another reason why I think a theory that Barb Anderson put out there has real merit... that the Org is morphing itself into a predominantly internet-based religion.

    Doing so could technically mitigate the problem we've been talking about (not to mention function as a counter to any accusations that "pedophiles are running the congregations"), because if the WTS became an "e-religion", it theoretically wouldn't actually need congregations...

    ...and if there's no more congregations, there's no more problem (to ridiculously paraphrase Mussolini).

    I think they could sell it pretty easily to the hard-core loyalists simply by implying that "God's Earthly Organization" is "going underground".

    Not to mention that transitioning to a net-based outfit would also theoretically - (along with trolley and park-table work) mitigate accusations that "JW pedophiles are knocking on your doors trying to recruit your kids".

    BTW, all of this would also serve to help downsize the overall membership (along with the asset and product-output reduction that are already well along), simply because it would more easily enable fakers, faders, and fence-sitters to get the fuck out.

  • Biblestudent1

    From the little I’ve seen in the local congregation there was no shortage of elders and many were quite young, early 30’s and upwards.

    The congregation was very short of ministerial servants though. We have a dozen or more young men but most did what I did, sit back and listen. I never saw them doing anything more.

    So that amazing fulfilling role of carrying microphones was done by the elders mostly. I wonder if they grumbled

  • punkofnice

    NO - w15 4/15 p. 4 par. 3 Elders, How Do You Feel About Training Others?
    more brothers are needed to keep existing congregations spiritually strong and to allow new congregations to be formed.

    YES - es15 p. 94 September
    Jehovah certainly has provided an abundance of spiritual men

    NO - w14 9/15 p. 3 Are You “Reaching Out”?
    there is a need for more brothers to reach out

    YES - w13 11/15 p. 20 par. 16 Seven Shepherds, Eight Dukes—What They Mean for Us Today
    Today, Jehovah certainly has provided an abundance of spiritual men to shepherd his precious sheep

    NO - w11 11/15 p. 2 Table of Contents
    There is a need for men who can take the lead in spiritual matters

    NO - p. 28 par. 2 Train Others to Reach Out
    there continues to be a need for men to take the lead in spiritual matters. For instance, Christian elders are greatly needed.

    NO - p. 32 par. 17 Train Others to Reach Out
    consider the fact that there is a great need for mature men to accept privileges of service in God’s organization

    NO - w10 5/15 p. 24 par. 3 Brothers—Sow to the Spirit and Reach Out!
    there is a great need for ministerial servants and elders today

    NO - w06 11/15 p. 13 A School Whose Graduates Benefit People Worldwide
    there is an ever-increasing need for dedicated men to reach out for greater responsibility

    NO - w01 1/1 p. 9 par. 7 Be Built Up by Love
    there is a great need for more elders

    NO - w93 1/1 p. 21 par. 14 Shepherding With Our Grand Creator
    There is an outstanding need for all baptized male Witnesses to reach out for further privileges

    NO - w90 4/15 p. 25 ‘Fishing for Men’ in Belize
    There is a great need for mature brothers to take the lead in the congregations.

    YES - w80 9/1 p. 21 par. 1 Overseers—Be Fine Examples to “the Flock”
    This fact is recognized by thousands of dedicated, spiritual men who are entrusted with this privilege today

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