Oh the irony! The elder, a car accident, and me....

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  • stuckinarut2

    Oh this is just worth sharing!

    So , as many know, it has been two years since I have attended any meetings, conventions, etc....nothing...cold turkey.

    The hassles and problems the elders threw our way were monumental....so many details I could share, but suffice it to say, we stood firm and kept our dignity and poise and reminded them of "appropriate boundaries ". One elder in particular has since spared no effort in ensuring that malicious gossip and slander has been spread so that witnesses have avoided us like the plague!

    Despite the fact that we are kind, generous and caring people, the elders have attempted to malign us at any opportunity...and I'm not being paranoid...trust me....it's real.

    Seriously, if anyone wants to know more, let me know....

    But, the other week, quite randomly, i was driving and came across a car accident! It had just occurred, and I recognised one of the cars: that elder and his family! So without hesitation I stopped, and genuinely atttended to them, and despite his look of shock on his face, I offered any help they needed, including transporting the family and offering to help with the aftermath.

    I genuinely did not act in order to prove a point, nor be smug or whatever. But it did make me wonder whether he feels bad for maligning my name or spreading gossip for two years?

    Remember, this is someone and his family I have known for decades. Someone I have been close to and genuinely liked. I didn't change as a person simply because I found out disturbing things about the society. No, but they changed...they took it personally and made out that I was evil.

    Maybe they will see that true human kindness is not dependant on whether someone is a witness?

    What did Jesus say about the Good Samaritan? Wasn't it someone NOT from the same faith, but rather an "apostate" that showed compassion?

  • ToesUp

    Yes, you would hope that he would see that. You did exactly as I would have done (or any other evil apostate...lol). We are the same people (caring, compassionate and loving), we just don't follow a cult anymore.

    Good for you stuck!

    BTW...love your posts on here.

  • sir82

    He won't forget your kindness. It will stick in his mind and will not dislodge.

    Don't know if he (or anyone in his family) will ever leave, but if they ever do, they will certainly look back on this experience as one of the "straws" that broke the back of WTS control.

  • Magnum
    Maybe they will see that true human kindness is not dependent on whether someone is a witness?

    I applaud your behavior, but I doubt they will see anything. They will probably not like the fact that they were helped by an "evil " person like you. I am seeing more and more the extent to which JWs are blind, gullible, self-righteous, smug, etc.)

    You used the pronouns "we" and "us". Are you referring to you and your wife? If so, is she out, too, and does she know TTATT? (Sorry if you've revealed that on previous posts and I missed it.)

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Excellent example to give to someone who's supposed to "take the lead".

    You forcefully proved to him and his family what Jesus himself said would be the identifying characteristic of a true Christian - showing love for one another.

    It was never about preaching the good news of the kingdom - despite what J.W.'s generally believe.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Of course they will appreciate the act of kindness you showed. It will reinforce their thinking that there is some "hope" left for you to return. Somewhere inside of you is that "witness" goodness. No recognition of you being that way despite leaving "The Truth". These poor slobs have very little emotional or intellectual growth with all that "spiritual maturity" running around their brains. Good for you that you still are a good person. Why wouldn't you be?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I am seeing more and more the extent to which JWs are blind, gullible, self-righteous, smug, etc. ~ Magnum

    Especially self-righteous. Many JWs are convinced that they are gaining their own salvation by all their "special" works. The "extra" things they do, such as shunning "weak, inactive" members (aka faders), and "warning others" about those weak JWs that could be "a risk" to others. (But that is not gossiping.) . . . . .

    Stuck, I hope you made this couple/family think about the fact that you have not changed. You are not some depraved, mentally diseased person. So hopefully they will ponder over just why is it then that you have left the Borg? . . . . . . . . Doc

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    What would be interesting is if he spreads a story around that shows you in a good light, since he was so proficient in spreading the other kind.

  • blondie

    I would think the next time a so'called loving brother or sister does something selfish and cruel, I would remember the so-called apostate who was there when I needed a helping hand.

  • SafeAtHome

    What sir82 said, only more likely to "stick in his craw (throat), meaning be difficult or impossible to accept; be a source of continuing annoyance. Makes me think of the stories told on here of elders passing by df ones walking to a KH in the rain or with children. Such love.

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