New WT pdf tells children to report. Irony?

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  • AudeSapere

    It's a quick attempt at damage control. By publishing this, they hope to prove to the governmental authorities that they are proactive in protecting children.

    It's way too little, way too late.

    And I'd like to see what role-play scenarios they have created to present to elders and parents.

  • fiddler

    It very tellingly doesn't specify who to tell. For a JW the 'who to tell' will be the parents (one of which may be the abuser) or an elder (who again may be the abuser). It doesn't say 'tell the police!'

    Damage control for sure.

  • bafh

    If they tell, what will be done? Nothing. So what is the point?

    This is purely a CYA move in all respects.

  • smiddy

    When G.Jackson was brought before the A.R.C. he said words to the effect ," if all states in Australia had mandatory reporting laws , we would not have this problem of 1006 cases of child abuse not being reported to the authorities by Elders of Jehovah`s Witnesses " Which by the way means 3,018 Elders that did not report it , that is to say 3 on a judicial committee times 1006 =3018 .

    So G.Jackson was effectively blaming the Australian Government for their not reporting Child sexual abuse in there midst.

    So he was in effect trying to pass the buck onto the Australian Government.

    The mind boggles


  • Atlantis


    Yep, just more damage control and another way for the Watchtower to blame the children instead of the pedo.




  • Mephis
    Bottom line for me is that they should have policies in place to protect children, and vulnerable adults too. They know how to contact experts in child protection policy, they showed that by getting one to do a survey of their literature for court cases, so really they be looking to have a review of the policies. ARC has pointed out the huge problems they have beyond it being a case of telling kids to say 'no'. To do otherwise is willfully negligent. I won't damn them for trying to figure out how to do it, but that pdf isn't addressing the institutional (and cultural) problem they have - any more than telling people 'pedophilia is bad' from the platform does.
  • stuckinarut2

    EXACTLY smiddy! They were making out like it was the govts fault! Typical - blame someone else!

    That chart worksheet should simply have said to little ones "if someone does something wrong, say NO, and quickly tell the Police"

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Abundant and publicized lawsuits is what will lead to policy change.

    Keep those lawsuits coming!!!


  • sir82


    Kids are often threatened with harm to themselves, or to their loved ones, if they "tell",

    It is beyond disingenuous, it is I daresay sociopathically sick, to imply that kids saying "I'm going to tell on you" to an abuser would make even a smidgen of a dent in the problem.

    After all the publicity, the lawsuits, the ARC, the numnuts still just don't get it.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I take issue with the way watchtower presents its information. For instance, they have mentioned that victims have the right to report to the police. However, they did so, as far as I can tell, only three times, over the last 20 years(W2009, 9/1. p.23; W2005, 8/1 p.14; W2004, 6/22 p.25). When they mentioned it, it was either indirectly or given next to no space in the article.

    On the other hand, they have provided cartoons and big drawings to explain to children how they can report it to their parents! By writing big, colorful articles like this, it leads people to believe that the society is doing something when in fact, it is not.

    Please search for an article that addresses what to do when you are raped by a member of your family? What to do when it is a member of the congregation. How police and forensic science could help? How the congregation has dealt with "wolves" among itself.

    There is no such article. These would obviously exist if the WT did not bury its head deep in the sand. Back in the 1950s, such reaction made sense. But we are now in 2016 and they should not be ignoring this simple fact: There are pedophiles in every organization; what makes a difference is how these organization handles the reports and not if there are in fact pedophiles.

    However, for the WT, this fact is a problem in itself as JWs should be living in a spiritual paradise.

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