I got a new visit by an elder and an ms .

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  • Finkelstein

    I really feel the Hawks are circling.

    Yep and if they think you've been openly expressing your contravening thoughts to other JWS in your congregation, expect to be DFed or DAed for apostasy.

    They are going to ask others in your congregation if they been listening to your opposing views, trust me on that.

  • Chook
    finkelstein, I'm moving house in the next seven days, the chook has flown the coup. But who knows with these corporate zealots . I told them they had no power over me because I don't believe they represent god and no other family are Jw. The elder looked a bit pale. There was no overlapping bullshit on my part, I leave that for the holy men of Warwick.
  • Finkelstein

    Good for you Chook, I would just leave this nightmare behind you.

    If your sure to leave the JW cult, don't play into their power game.

    Why ? because that's what they think they have over you.

    Most men who become elders identify themselves as powerful god chosen ones ........ they aren't except in their own mind.

    Say no thank you and leave it at that.

    One day some those delusional brainwashed elders may be joining you.

  • Hecce
    Chook2 days ago2 days ago2 days agoSmiddy I got bitten by brown snake two years ago when I was Jw, if I had gotten bitten 40 years ago

    Eastern Brown Snake

    The eastern brown snake is mainly found along the east coast of Australia. The snake is considered to be the second-most venomous terrestrial snake. Its venom has both neurotoxins and blood coagulants. A bite from the eastern brown snake can cause dizziness, renal failure, paralysis and cardiac arrest. Although it normally only eats rodents, like mice, if it feels threatened, it will bite a human. It is responsible for 60% of snake bite deaths in Australia.

    You were very lucky.

  • Chook

    Every hospital in Australia carries the antivenin for for the local snakes, but it took about an 1 1/2 hours to get to hospital from my farm, your in big shit for an adult after 2 1/2 hours , children can die in an hour, adults 3, horses 6. We have a worse snake up north in Queensland called a Taipan, adults 1 hour nuked.

  • berrygerry
    your in big shit for an adult after 2 1/2 hours , children can die in an hour, adults 3, horses 6. We have a worse snake up north in Queensland called a Taipan, adults 1 hour nuked.

    What do you think? Did the fangs and lethal venom of these snakes evolve? Or were they designed?

  • Diogenesister

    Wow Chook, Thank human you are OK. Idiots! Just because they *use* horse blood to make the ant-venom...I didn't even *think* of the vulnerability of Australian JWs when it comes to their absurd medical quackery/blood/vaccine doctrines.

    Dear God how many have died because of bites? We will never know, I guess, but you can bet it's happened.

    Interesting how different they are when they know they have no captives, I mean family, of yours. Probably won't bother to JC cos No point - they can't punish you.

    So, so glad we have our little chooky safe and well.

  • Hecce

    Chook: interesting situation; Croc Dundee style. I was not aware that friends at Australia had faced such a life and death situation due to the anti venom issue.


  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2


    Glad you are ok on the snake bite, and yes that is very interesting about the horse blood component to the antivenom. You mentioned something about soldiers eating unbled meat. Can you elaborate on your point there? Are you talking about 1 Samuel when the men out of hunger start eating raw meat...and they basically get a slap on the wrist?

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