To Continue the Theme of All Things Prince ... The Dirty Songs List

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  • talesin

    I love that one, too, and 319, and well, it's hard to pick my fav. But I can picture him dancing and clapping his hands over his head in Little Red Corvette, and such a fun video The whole album blew me away, and that was in 1995, a cassette gift. Before that, I had only heard his songs on the radio, or watched his vids at the club. And I do love concept albums. ; )

  • Wild_Thing

    Growing up, my older siblings listened to Prince and so I already knew a few of his songs ... I LOVED Let's Go Crazy. I was only seven or eight years old when Raspberry Beret was released, and thought I had found my new favorite. Well, my mom or older sister or somebody quickly told me that I couldn't sing that song because it was a dirty song. And of course I had no clue how it could possibly be dirty. As far as I was concerned, it was a catchy little song about a fruit shaped hat.

    Since then, my catalogue of Prince songs has grown significantly, and even looking at just the song titles can be quite blushing. And now ... I think you to myself .... Really? Raspberry Beret? THAT was the Prince song you objected to?

  • talesin

    Haha, good story, and I can picture it. For years, I didn't even know that was Prince's song (Duh), but I was heavily into R&R and blues. Raspberry Beret is classic, and yup, very tame. And interesting, because I see it the same way. But I'm always 'putting my foot in it' and not realizing my double entendres until others start to smirk and tease me. Ah well, we all have our crosses to bear. JUST KIDDING!

    Did they ever see the vid for Thieves in the Temple, with his ass-less chaps? Saw that on the big screen at the bar where my friend worked, and just about fell off my bar stool. *huge grin*

    I was always into dancing (for fun at the clubs, and also jazz dance lessons and such), and Kiss was an excellent tune to dance - love his stop-gaps, which make for excellent drama in the dance as well as the music.

    After he was dunked, I played "Kiss" for my dad, who loves to dance. He thought it was a great tune. I then explained it was Prince, and it was one of his tamer songs. He understood that I was going to miss the music, if Prince changed his style (which he did). It's sad that they 'got' him. Ah well.

  • Phaedra

    A U T Omatic

    Just took me almost 20 years to catch up.

  • talesin

    Just listening to 319 ... 'you, you make me wanna dance!"

    (edit:  love this gif, LOL! )  


  • violias
    I just heard Prince sing Raspberry Beret . I had heard Warren Zevon's cover and liked it very much.

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