Election Day Violence?

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  • Vanderhoven7

    My take:

    Trump will win big and the unreasonable irreligious left will react predictably requiring the army to quell the riots.

    There is more than one way to destroy a nation.

    It's the barbarians within that wreak havoc.

    But there will be order for 4 more years.

    The democratic party will go down the tube.

    Preborn babies will be protected.

    Covid-19 will be dealt with.

    The economy will thrive.

    Four years running.

  • JoenB75

    Vanderhoven7, well if you guys offer decent equipment and pay and need a helping hand in the fight for western civilisation, I am sure a number of us in Europe could stand ready to join a European militia

  • LV101

    If Biden wins IT'S been one successful RIGGED election. Mail in ballot fraud on all levels.

  • redvip2000

    The radical leftists are the new face of violence on the streets. If Biden wins there will be almost no unrest, perhaps the usual unrest caused by communists in liberal cities. I think Trump supporters will take it, even if they are unhappy, and be disappointed, but will not be looting and burning.

    If Trump wins many liberals will completely lose their minds. They will completely be infuriated and disgusted at how Trump with so much going against him, including the media, social media giants, celebrities, polls, and everything was still able to pull it off.

    If Trump wins it will be the greatest victory of democracy in recent times. Why? Because it will show that democracy still works. The will of the people still counts, even against all sorts of forces. It will be the will of the people over the will of the information machinery that sets the temperature of the country.

    Yes, the next 4 years in many ways would be terrible. The liberal media will probably double down and the communists will double down, and accusations of racism and the "racializing" of everything will grow exponentially. Or maybe, just maybe the liberal establishment will finally realize that they need to come to the center if they want to win an election.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    There are bricks being dropped off at places where there is no construction. When they are removed new ones are delivered.

    Good time to stay home.

    City hall and library boarded up

  • minimus

    Think about it because someone wins an election or doesn’t the crowd decides to destroy everything and never a peep from the Democrats

  • JWPrince

    I sure hope so. And when Trump wins...I hope he uses the Insurrection Act to activate the U.S. Military and authorizes the use of deadly force to put down these rabid terrorists who are literally burning down this country. It's like we are living in a third world shithole now. SMH

    If they want to protest something, they can march, they can walk back and forth across the country like Forrest Gump...they can stand in the park and scream at the moon for all I care. But the next person who throws something at a cop, stops traffic on the freeway, breaks a window, or loots, needs to be shot in the head. Believe me, when the bodies start piling up all over the country, these idiots will all run back home to mommy and daddy's basement and cry over their student loans while mommy fixes them soup.

  • redvip2000
    Believe me, when the bodies start piling up all over the country, these idiots will all run back home to mommy and daddy's basement and cry over their student loans while mommy fixes them soup

    Maybe but it's not even needed. If at a minimum, we can get prosecutors that actually charge people and judges that set higher bails, and we start getting real convictions in these people's records, it will do the job.

    Notice how in Portland once the cops got cross-deputized, and federal prosecutors could begin charging people with federal crimes, and the level of unrest god down to almost zero. Impunity does a great disservice to law and order.

  • frozen2018

    I saw some of the business owners painted "We Support BLM" on the plywood. It shows how fearful they are of white supremacists and Proud Boy types when the rioters show up to burn the place down.

  • Davros

    If Trump wins, perhaps one of the worst torture device the left can impose on the rest of the nation is that we will have 4 more years of endless, repetitive protest chants that all begin with “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go hey hey ho ho...”.

    Sound worse than spoiled rotten 4 year old brats. Hey hey, ho ho....

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