I Found Something Better Than "The Truth"!

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  • Divergent

    I often come across JW's using the "worldwide brotherhood" as one of the reasons to justify that JW's have "the truth." Such a brotherhood, they claim, would NOT exist outside the organisation because there is NO WAY that people of different religions, nationalities, races, cultures, backgrounds, languages etc. can be united and associate together freely without "the truth!"

    Well, JW's are WRONG because there are many other organisations / communities that are able to achieve this in a much better way than they can ever do!

    When I faded as a young adult after wasting a large part of my youth as a born-in JW, I set out to find a community of like-minded people who share the same interests as me. I then discovered Couchsurfing and became a member of this cool international travel community!

    As a Couchsurfing member, I have hosted and stayed with people all around the world - total stangers at first - but we became friends instantly! I have now gained countless friends - more than I ever had as a JW! I now enjoy travelling and fun get-togethers + activities with people I like and can relate to instead of the boring meetings and pointless field service with people I wouldn't normally be friends with. I have now been to many new places, grown in my understanding of people and the world, gained many priceless experiences and unforgettable memories, plus my outlook and perspective on life has changed for the better

    As a JW, I did assist brothers and sisters, but most of the time I did it out of a sense of duty RATHER than because I really wanted to. I did things out of obligation because I was expected to do those things. Furthermore, as a brother who was "reaching out", I often didn't have the option to say no when the elders dump something that they didn't want to do on you. However, I am now rendering assistance to others in a meaningful way without any compulsion or ulterior motive because I really want to, because I believe in the spirit of humanity, and because it gives me joy and satisfaction

    So yes, I lost a "worldwide brotherhood" but gained another which is far more superior - one that is not dominated by fear, obligation, and guilt. And guess what - they have more members than JW's!

    A related article -

    http://jwsurvey.org/support/the-unexpected-kindness-of-the-world (I did not write this but share the same sentiments as the author)

    I now live life to the full, not according to the dictates of a man-made religion. The world is full of love and kindness, but JW's WANT you to believe otherwise!

  • Vidiot
    Divergent - "I found something better than The Truth!"

    Me too.

    It's called "evidence".

  • Darkknight757

    There are lots of associations and organizations out there that have something better than the Borg, people who love unconditionally and don't look at you with eyes of judgement. We have met many since leaving that are 1000 times better than the witlesses. Compassionate Friends, Metro Share, Salvation Army and many other groups.

    Even your run of the mill folk are better. We were bourbon tasting yesterday down in Louisville, Ky and ran into a couple from Texas. Two awesome people who we may have never given the time of day a few years back. Good people are everywhere, we just need to be willing to invite them into our lives.

  • scratchme1010

    I find interesting that many JWs use their faulty reasoning to stay in their "truth" without daring to look inside themselves about how they feel. If you noticed, Divergent, in your post (at least what I got), not only you uncovered a way in which JWs manipulate people to not look around for better ways of uniting with other people, but also you find that there's a way to have a sense of community in a diverse group of people without any of them believing or behaving in the exact same way.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Huh, just last week I stumbled upon a 2012 newspaper item about a (then) 29 year old ex JW who enjoyed couch surfing very much (too).

    Was that you by any chance? :-)

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Well said Divergent.

  • NewYork44M

    The last time I heard that phrase "I Found Something Better Than "The Truth," they were selling Amway.

    Switching from one cult to another creates no value.

  • HB

    I've never been a JW, but I agree, there are many other organisations that offer a far better worldwide 'brotherhood' of like minded people.

    I'm a member of Girl Guiding which has 10 million members in 146 countries. Scouting has even more members, possibly about 28 million.

    These organisations are inclusive of all and unite people of different races, cultures and beliefs. I went on a Guiding trip to Switzerland this year and met Guides and Scouts from many other countries there. A couple of years ago I took part as a leader in an international camp, with 3000 young people from 19 countries, as diverse as Egypt, New Zealand, Kenya, Norway, Japan and Fiji. It was an amazing experience.

    Guiding and Scouting provide opportunities for meeting others with shared interests, often leading to life-long friendships. Everyone has the chance to travel and explore, to gain skills, try new experiences and do something worthwhile for others .

    These organisations, unlike the Watchtower, have a positive life-enhancing ethos and encourage young people to be their best and fulfil their potential. All whilst having loads of fun.

    No wonder young JWs are not allowed to join Guiding and Scouting; given a free choice with no outside pressure or coercion, I'm pretty sure most would not choose the Watchtower.

  • Divergent

    Anders Andersen:

    Huh, just last week I stumbled upon a 2012 newspaper item about a (then) 29 year old ex JW who enjoyed couch surfing very much (too).

    Was that you by any chance? :smile:

    No, it's not. I'm younger

  • Greybeard

    Thank you Divergent, that was very helpful and informative! I actually just signed up a few days ago, never tried it but looking forward to the experience. LOVE your comment they have more members then Jehovah Witnesses. Do many of the people you need partake of Cannabis? Just wondering...

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