Who copied who when it comes to the website logo?

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  • oppostate

    Just noticed this very peculiarly uncanny similarity between website logos.
    Did the JW.0rg come first or after--did the WT copy another website's logo?

  • finallysomepride
  • yoko N
    yoko N

    Good !! Thanks for posting.

  • Simon
    Graphic design has "styles" that go in and out of fashion. There are lots of tech-type logos that are also similar to the JW.org one (the style they no doubt copied too).
  • steve2

    There are only so many fonts and colors that translate well into logos.

    Even organizations that "commission" a new font and color combination is not creating something totally new.

    Yes, JW.org made much of its creating a new font for its logo - but honestly, when you look at the finished product, who'd have realized it really was new - which is probably why JW organization has not taken action against websites that play upon the JW.org logo - e.g., look at the JW org podcast - you'd be hard pressed to decipher how it differs in appearance from JW.org..

  • oppostate

    The 0rg's website logo in its internet embracing days used to be Watchtower dot Org -- With the front cover's title W letter of the word Watchtower featuring its characteristic double intermeshed V's, where one is V superposed on the other to make a W like the one in the Whitehouse logo.


  • steve2

    Off topic, but the juxtaposition of questions on the featured page from the Watchtower recalls how the placement of questions in the literature is of ludicrous:

    Where did Cain, the son of Adam and Eve, find his wife?

    Would you welcome a visit?

    Answer: Cain's wife made a welcome visit and he found her with me.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I don't know, there is a couple of similarities here. I really would like to know who did the logo first, the govt or JW's.

  • venus

    Even when they preach that Governments belong to Satan, they cannot believe it in their hearts that they really do; hence the urge to copy the Governments of this world surface unknowingly. Hence it is good indication that they copied the logo.

  • Simon

    The WhiteHouse has used the overlapping V style W since at least 2003, possibly earlier.


    "who did it first" things like this are difficult to decide for certain.

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