Child Broadcast Star is Going Home to Die.

by Slidin Fast 22 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • shadow
    Whether intentional or not, the broadcast appears to have had quite an effect on stimulating contributions for her flight home.
  • Tech49

    The family and I just watched this broadcast 2 nights ago. Yes, the little girl's story is a tough one to watch. BUT THIS???

    OMG! Of course they didn't add anything at the end to update us on her condition. And WTH? They cant kick down a few bucks from their BILLIONS to help her get DIE?

    This is just embarrassing. Complete facepalm moment. Don't they think for a second that more good might come out of showing some compassion for the family and giving them a hand, since they shamelessly used them in their promo? Wouldn't people be more inclined to adore the GB if they showed some REAL kindness?

    Shows you exactly how shortsighted they truly are. Sick bastards.

  • Tenacious

    Stories like these make me really angry.

    I weep for this little girl who never had a chance at a real life and instead was enslaved at such a young and tender age.

    The GB's time is running out. You can't hide from what is apparent to everyone now.

    Soon, the rank and file will know just what garbage lies behind those Wednesday closed door meetings.

  • disfellowshipped1
    She has passed away: link
  • sparrowdown

    At least the Borg got their shameless infomercial in before she died.

    God I hate this org.

  • Crazyguy
    She died? Did she even make it home?
  • slimboyfat
    That's such a shame. They seem pretty staunch JWs. In a way it no doubt helped them cope. They'll probably donate the money to the Watchtower now.
  • talesin

    I'm sure much of the $200,000+ in donations came from r&f members, who would be happy to contribute to the death cult known as the WTS.

  • sowhatnow

    hmm, so with what little energy she had, her parents convinced her to pioneer? where did she have time and energy for that, plus being in the hospital so often?

    Id never expect a sick child to waste her valuable energy going door to door, no one is expected to do that. you dont need to score brownie points with god.

    those must be older photos, its nice that she looks pretty normal in them and everyone is smiling. sick kids to me would look pale, thin and tired, and as I parent Id be an emotional tired mess all the time in no mood for photos and interviews.

    the parents must have not been warned how much a flight home would cost for her if they were unsuccessful.

    no mention at all about how often the blood issue must have come up.

    I cannot believe it cost that much for her to go home. thats ridiculous.

    I also cant believe that no place closer to her home, were heart specialists that could help her.

    im assuming she was at the Cleveland clinic?

    she had to travel sick, [ to one of the most unsafe ghetto cities in the US,] for treatment . wow. just sad.

  • Vidiot

    Slidin Fast - "Is this a legitimate source of encouragement or blatant exploitation?"

    Is that a trick question?

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