A minimus type of question

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  • pettygrudger

    <makes note to self to start watching more t.v.>

    Sorry krusty!

  • joannadandy

    I don't know that I ever believed. I mean when I was little, yeah of course--you always take whatever you're given as the way the world is.

    But arround 12-15, I really wanted to know--Who are these people? I mean the Bible was all well and good, but who was Russell and who were the Governing Body--I only had a vague idea...I never really knew who they were, and I never had an answer for people who said, "Your religion was just founded by a man."

    This just became more and more pressing to me the older I got. And the more I studied and thought about the "divine" hand of God guiding his people on earth it seemed bunk. Then I started questioning all religion all together--and here I am now. A HEATHEN APOSTATE! Hee hee!

  • ozziepost

    Bound volumes being treated as having the same, if not more, authority than the Bible.

  • Special K
    Special K

    For me.. it wasn't just one thing.. it was a gradual combination and building of small things...

    Like all the slapping an whacking of kids in the washroom.. because they didn't sit still or weren't quiet enough..(that would go through me like a knife)

    The subserviants of women in the congregation. Women not being able to give the correct answer if a baptized male had given a wrong answer. That doily on a woman's head to say a prayer in front of a man.

    Why women did the bulk of the witnessing work while the men got to order everybody around.

    When an elder told me that I had to do everything he said because "he was divinely appointed by Jehovah"..and I shouldn't disobey him. That one really rocked the rot.

    Never enough,never enough, too weak, too young, too female, dress.. too long and too short. beard too wild, mushtache too bushy.......................

    And then.. and then...the big one

    The teenage distraught, sick, young girl who I welcomed into my home.. to find out she was being sexually molested by a man in her congregation...and how when I took her, I took her..to the elders for help.. they told her to protect Jehovah god.. and that because when there are no witness to these things and the brother does not confess to it.. then we need to sweep it under the rug. Some scripture used to ..

    Let yourself be wronged instead of your brother..

    Her months and months and months of recovery in my home. The tortured nights holding her in my arms as she shook like a leaf as she wept, night after night... The hospital and the social worker,, The throwing up that she did because of all the hurt feelings that she went through and stuffing her feelings down inside....The police officers... and the constant denials of her molester... the denials of her elders.. the rejection of her sibblings and her family of origin. Her severe loss of weight..her having to drop out of school because of the emotional trauma..and me being told to keep my mouth shut... and then the elder telling me.. that he was divinely appointed by jehovah.. and that I had to do what he said..

    I took her to the elders ...FOR HELP!!!!!.. and what she got was shame, guilt, unbelief in what she brought forth... and a public announcement of her being "BAD ASSOCIATION""" And they shunned this young teenager and she wasn't even baptized... This was a KID,, I mean a KID.

    An elder telling me I was responsible for killing my kids and my spouse because I had stopped going to meetings.

    ... I pause now.....

    ...(sigh)..because I am speechless

    . because I have written what has been secret in my heart ...

    there is too much more to this long winding story...

    and I already feel vulnerable because of what I have said..

    I am sad.. because I was the older person.. who took her for help

    They not only betrayed her... they betrayed ME.. and my trust in them

    special K

  • obiwan

    I had been out for 10 years before I started reading and the first thing I found was the Mexico/Malwi scandal

    I myself had been "out" for about 10 years before I started questioning the wts. I also was "born" into it, so I didn't know any better either, I was df'd to kick me into gear. The back breaker was the dateline special on child molestation, after that I had no doubts they were not right in the head.

    My one thing I would tell a jw..If you are not allowed to think and reason for yourself, then you are being manipulated and controlled.

    rocketman, I gotta take a stab at it

    Pettygrudger, I hope you don't bet much

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    The profound lack of love and their hypocrisy in claiming to have and show bro and sis love...they should be renamed "Denial Cult"....

    Frannie B

  • Special K
    Special K

    Denial cult would be about right...Frannie..

    head in the sand band....


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    LOL, SK! Yer right on tha money, cher!

    Frannie B

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