Baptized niece crowned prom queen. Could her dad loose his MS appt?

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  • StarTrekAngel

    So my niece (not thru my brother but rather my wife) had been talking about going to her prom. The family had privately been somewhat doubtful that she would be allowed to go. The problem was that they kept promising she would be allowed but history has shown us that her parents tend to get her excited about things and then drop the denial on her at the last minute. We felt it was unfair to keep promising her this. To our surprise she was finally allowed to go. On top of that, no chaperon. She went with a girl friend of hers and we have no indication that this friend is a JW.

    Not only she attended the prom but she was also crowned queen. She does not fit the typical model of prom queen. She is not athletic or outgoing. So I am glad to see some schools in the area are braking stereotypes. Now her mom and dad are going around really proud of their queen girl. Mom is a pioneer and dad is an MS, aiming at also becoming a full time pioneer.

    Does he stand a chance of loosing his MS privileges for allowing his girl to go to prom?

    In many talks, at least here in our hispanic circuit, we have been warned about the dangers of school dances that go somewhat unsupervised.

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh yes!

    Watch out!

    He will indeed be made to stand out as an example of a non-spiritual father!

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    yup. there's tons of articles you can find about how evil prom is and how JWs shouldn't go.

  • millie210

    If its viewed as a "first mistake" kind of thing that maybe they "fell in to" without realizing it might not lead to anything...key word being might.

    if they have a history of not controlling their teenager - that is how this is viewd (the prom thing) as him not having his household in subjection, then this might get him removed.

    That s one of the problems a lot of us have with the whole arrangement for servants in the much of who is appointed and how they qualify is highly subjective and not at all Holy Spirit or scripturally based.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    There's a good chance he might get into troub. . . Wait. Hispanic circuit? Nevermind, he's good.

  • jamiebowers

    I don't know about the Hispanic congregations, but this happened to a second cousin of mine in a white rural kh. She was unbaptized, and I don't believe either of her parents held any sort of position. But the elders hounded this poor girl to give up her crown. She told them to go to hell and promptly left home upon graduation.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Lose his position as MS?: he should be so lucky!

  • Lieu

    Proms are supervised. Supervised by the same people you send your kids to school to learn from everyday. Proms dont present danger and the attendees are still the school responsibility.

    Any danger is from leaving the prom and going to other parties and such. If you're not doing those things then no big deal.

    Problem with the org is it sees loose crotches everywhere and it's demented overly sexed way of thinking is constantly projected onto it's membership. It's akin to some mullah saying women should not eat bananas because of HIS own sexually warped thoughts. That's how you get prohibitions about tight pants ... someone's own personal demented thinking projected onto everyone else.

  • punkofnice
    Does he stand a chance of losing his MS privileges for allowing his girl to go to prom?

    He does. But then again, it depends upon the wishes of the biggest bully on the BOE.

    Each congregation differs.

  • sir82

    Echo Punk's comment.

    Depends entirely, 100% on the local BOE.

    Hardliners? He's outta there.

    Moderates? Depends on how well connected the MS is.

    Liberals? No problem.

    If you were to describe the situation to the Bethel service desk, they'd call for the MS's removal.

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