Lying In Wait At a Bed & Breakfast

by Cold Steel 29 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Landy
    I don't think they'd allow my male partner and me to stay in the first place. So, from that point of view, I don't think I would strike that kind of problem of finding out my hosts were JWs. I guess that's another good thing about being gay, huh?

    They wouldn't bake you a cake either!

    Edit - sorry, if you're not uk based you may not get that reference.

  • steve2

    They wouldn't bake you a cake either!

    Life can be so tough.

    Mind you, if the choice is between no cake and being in the company of JW hosts, I'll take no cake anyday!

  • scratchme1010

    Apparently this is considered okay and a great way to spread the word. But what would YOU have done? We were kind of stuck. My wife wanted to read in one of the living rooms but durst not go alone. I finally just asked our hosts to desist in religious discussion and they did, but we were surprised that they would use their B&B to fulfill their weekly stats.

    Trip advisor, yelp, hotels dot com, air b and b, pretty much every single travel and hospitality website that I can find, I'd give them the worst possible review. Also I'd put a complain at the BBB.

    Once you let them know that their preaching is not welcome, it becomes harassment. You are not a visiting friend, you are a paying customer and it is their duty to treat you like guests as any business in the hospitality industry should.

    Their reputation for using their business to proselytize should be known.

  • stillin

    I wouldn't bother to backstab them. They witnessed to you because you were being polite. You informed them that you didn't care to discuss it and they left you alone. If it appears that they were really hounding the guests, they will crash and burn anyhow.

    Be kind. The burden of understanding is on your shoulders.

  • blondie

    Do they belong to a B&B association? If so, I would let them know how they treated you and that it is likely they treat other customers similarly. They are allowed to advertise in the association, could be rules about forcing religion onto customers.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Cold steel,

    This seems like the easiest thing in the world to fix. Let me Demonstrate.

    "Oh you are Jehovahs Witnesse? I used to be too, until I learned about the...

    (choose one)

    • ...inconsistencies in the blood doctrine leading to the loss of life by the thousands and the elevating of the symbol of life above life itself
    • ...issues with the governing body placing the supposed reputation of the org above protection of children and society at large. Have you seen the ARC hearings?
    • ...fact that 1914 is just a number after 1913 and holds no biblical significance
    • ...shunning policy being the exact opposite of what Jesus taught in the story of the prodigal son, and this communal shunning program is used as a control mechanism and emotional blackmail as brought out by the outright encouragement to kick out and shun ones own daughter, if they are not a stellar JW like in the convension video....

    BUT......I certainly would not want to affect your faith negatively, so its probably best to leave your religion off the topic of conversation list. Hey! These doilies are amazing? Where did you get them?"

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I have no problem reasoning with JWs and boxing them, but my wife rightfully thought it was unprofessional to do what they did and the last thing she wanted was for me to debate them on any level. (At times like that I would have loved to have been able to do a Christopher Walken imitation!) Heh!

  • millie210

    Please tell Mrs Cold Steel that I agree with her!

    Sorry you all had to deal with that during what should have been a relaxing time.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Cold Steel, I think I may know this couple-- sent you a PM!

  • Bonsai

    Cold Steel, if memory serves me correct, aren't you a Jesus babbling Mormon? If so, sucks getting a dose of your own medicine doesn't it? If not, then my sincere apologies. Nobody likes to be "witnessed to" by any religious nutter - especially on vacation.

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