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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    A few years ago while traveling in the Northeast, my wife and I stopped in New Haven, Connecticut, at a B&B we'd reserved for the night. No sooner had we unpacked and moved into the living room for tea and treats, our hosts began to talk about religion, and we learned they were Jehovah's Witnesses. I didn't mind so much, but my wife was outraged that our hosts would use their place of business as a launching point to do missionary work.

    When they saw my wife was openly hostile to their endeavors, instead of dropping it, they sought to isolate me and ignore my wife almost as though she didn't exist. It didn't matter that she was seething, I'm sure contemplating their demise, they were now focused entirely on me. I didn't want this to go on, so I manufactured a reason to beat a retreat. And we did.

    For the rest of our time there we had to avoid our hosts and we took walks and drove around.

    Apparently this is considered okay and a great way to spread the word. But what would YOU have done? We were kind of stuck. My wife wanted to read in one of the living rooms but durst not go alone. I finally just asked our hosts to desist in religious discussion and they did, but we were surprised that they would use their B&B to fulfill their weekly stats.

  • Tallon

    Interesting experience and thanks for sharing.

    As you were paying guests, they should have respected your and your wife's stance on the matter.

    IMO; not a good advertisement for their business.

  • redvip2000

    Just my two cents, but in my experience in dealing with JWS the worse thing you can do is to show no interest, play ignorant or try to debate biblical things (your christianity vs theirs). None of these things will necessarily put a stop to it.

    The best thing is to call out the wrongs in their organization. Or a "softer" route, is to put in question the validity of the Bible itself, or existence of God. Every time i've questioned them about the validity of the Bible vs. other holy books, they shut up. They have little argument for these things. Their entire logic revolves around comparing their interpretation of the bible vs other christians (hell, soul, heaven, etc). So they need that you to at least believe in the bible. Once you ask them what's the proof that the bible is even the word of God, they go back into their shell.

  • Splash

    Put your experience on TripAdvisor so no one else are subjected to the same treatment.

  • JRK

    I would have told them I wasn't interested. If they continued I would tell them to fuck themselves.


  • Landy
    Put your experience on TripAdvisor so no one else are subjected to the same treatment.

    beat me to it!


    As mentioned on another thread, Dubs are either born as psychopaths or groomed into sociopaths; they have no genuine empathy for people. As proof, they seek converts via tactless, and socially inappropriate methods. YOU do not matter, all that matters is that THEY fulfill THEIR God-given commission to preach as the CHOSEN ones, drawn to the one true religion by GOD.

    I "witnessed" to a couple at their place of business. It was during the infancy of my awakening, and I already found this type of religious sales to be tactless and invasive. Looking back, I was trying to keep peace in my marriage, yet each round of field-circus was killing my soul.

    Anyway, the mother of the business owner had passed away. Being the insensitive religious sociopath that I was, I went to their place of business and offered the "truth" about death. They immediately told me that what I was doing was inappropriate, and they would appreciate it if I would not come back to their place of business. I've never seen them again.

    You should make sure to give negative reviews of the B&B, via social media. If those Dubs want to make a buck, they can STFU. Yeah, that rhymed.... 🎤


  • steve2

    I don't think they'd allow my male partner and me to stay in the first place. So, from that point of view, I don't think I would strike that kind of problem of finding out my hosts were JWs. I guess that's another good thing about being gay, huh?

    But, man, what you and your wife went through sucks. Yes, one response is to give a negative review of your experience.

  • slimboyfat

    I guess this was before trip advisor? They'd probably think twice before pulling a stunt like that nowadays.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Yep...we gave it a good review, but warned people to beware the preaching. It was otherwise a decent place. My mistake was in talking to them in the first place, while trying to be polite. That, alas, only encourages them!

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