No Time to die.

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  • StephaneLaliberte
    To be believable, he has to be white. He wouldn't be in the social circles / position he was at the time if black.

    If you keep the character living in the 1950s, then I definitely agree with you. However, we now play bond as living 70 years later where blacks are now allowed in those circles.

    Why couldn't Harry Potter be a Chinese girl?

    I think you may have a point here. While Harry being a girl would be a deal breaker, the color of his skin, like bond, is not relevant to the story itself. However, would the majority of English boys identify as him? Probably not. Same can be said about Bond... would the majority of English man identify as a black Bond? Not as likely. But then again, I bet that if you played a Chinese Harry Potter movie or a Black Bond Movie, people would forget about the race of the actor within the first 20 minutes. That, of course, would happen if the actors behaved as English without the stereotypical racial behaviors. For instance, black actor wouldn't refer to other black men as brothers. And Chinese Harry Potter wouldn't be an overly polite kong foo master.

  • smiddy3

    007 Being a female ? whatever the color of her skin ,no way.That would be like Snow White being played by a colored girl .It just wouldn`t gel.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    That would be like Snow White being played by a colored girl

    Again, the color of her skin is part of the story itself. She is named Snow white as she has a very light skin. The question is: What, in the story of Bond, depends on him being white? If we leave him in the 1950s.. makes sense. In the 2021, any colored person can be part of MI6, so, what dependency is there on the skin color?

    As for him being a man, its part of the story.. he's a womanizer! Even though they are slowly trying to dim this down through the years, he still is.

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