Have You Changed Since You First Started Posting Here?

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  • minimus

    On a different thread, Berylblue mentioned how, when comparing my 1st post to the present ones, there is an obvious change. I do agree that we all can grow and learn as time goes on in our lives. My question for today is,"Have you changed in how you think or in your growth from a spiritual and /or emotional standpoint"?

  • logical


  • JH

    Being here since 8 months now, this site made me realize that the organization is like a big company with numbers and performance quotas, so now my conscience is clear about leaving. I don't feel as if I done something wrong by leaving the organization anymore. I changed my point of view on the organization. I believe that it's man made and full of injustices. Although I pulled away from the JW's, I didn't get any closer to a better comprehension of what God wants of us.

  • waiting

    I'm 3 years older now.

    And yes, I've changed other ways too - some ways good, other ways irritate other people for some unknown reason.

  • jgnat

    I have been through lots of changes. First, there was a waterfall of words. Then a waterfall of tears, as I realized the size of the monster that had grabbed on to my honey's little toe. I discovered a subculture rank with discrimination, hiding behind crisp suits and natty ties. I found an enemy that deserves to be exposed.

    I quickly figured out that dramatics means little to a Jehovah's Witness, so I calmed down and analyzed my enemy. I came up with a strategy on how to deal with this monster.

    At JWD I found a warm, smart, and welcoming group of people. There is comaraderie in pain, and most here are ready to help "new ones" grow beyond their rejection, and learn how to be independent thinkers. I have become more sympathetic to people who live differently than me. I see now what rejection of lifestyle does to people, and I don't want to contribute to their pain.

    I became a certified addict of discussion groups. I made friends with a local Edmontonian, whose life experiences resonates with mine.

    As long as my honey is in the grips of the WTBTS, I will need this group as a safe place to let my thoughts flow.

  • minimus

    I have seen the change that some persons have shown. Some who were very antagonistic and angry have mellowed out. Others that were just not sure about these posters decidedto extend a little trust that maybe, just maybe, they are telling the truth. I've seen some that are still mad at the world leave here, too. Hopefully, we've all grown because of being here.

  • WhyNow2000


    Not need to reply to every post that upsets me.

    Not need reply to every post that I disagree with.

    No need to prove that I am right by having the last word in.

  • BluesBrother

    Well, I have learned a helluva lot, broadened out in my sense of humour, learned to be more tolerent, and gained untold hours of fascination, debate angst and warmth between this worldwide community

    We dont claim to be a brotherhood or united , but it is a wonderful place to be . There is no one to tell me how I have changed , but I hope it is for the better

  • Odrade

    YES! In just the short time I've been here, I've let go of tons of guilt for rejecting "THE TRUTH." I felt guilty that I would make my parents feel bad, and that's fading. Also, I had some little nagging doubts that maybe the unkindnesses and injustices to me at JW hands was "just me," but so many of you have come through so much worse to get where you are today. AND so many of you are HAPPY! That really makes my day!

    So glad we have this place, it really helps.


  • heathen

    I can say I have learned alot about the seedy underworkings of the WTBTS. I definately lost respect for people that I thought were peace loving and understood the bible message better than most .

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