The Rank Hypocrisy of JW Rank and File

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  • waton
    the Watch Tower renovated the building all these items were left unchanged. CC:

    Local historic preservation laws may have prevented removing these old decorations' I always felt a kind of detachment, as a guest in a museum, in theses premises.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Yes, waton, I was sure there had to have been some local historical society ruling here. Re: the detachment, Bethelites, as well as other JWs, have toured different countries ("lands") and visited cathedrals.

    Thanks for your observation.

  • steve2

    Thanks cc for the citation from Franz's "In Search of.." I had forgotten about that example Ray gave - but it beautifully captures the "pick and choose" mentality in JW organization.

    At one of my earliest places of employment, I was given a beautiful sterling silver horseshoe mounted on a ceramic wall plaque when I left. The number of JWs who visited me and made adverse comments about that horseshoe, declaring it was a pagan symbol of good luck, led me to dispose of it. A couple of them even said they could not come inside and spend time with me whilst it remained in my apartment. Fair enough too - they were being consistent with the JW organization teachings against pagan symbols.

    Now they have a very watered down view of these symbols. The proud display of Mr Novik's badge on is up there with Chilean JW elders now being able to display the national flag of Chile on kingdom halls if their conscience allows it. Guess what? Their conscience allows it! All so simple and convenient. But at least JW organization remains "quiet" about that particluar "compromise".

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, steve2, for posting this, a reminder how "the times they are a changin'," particularly regarding a faith we scarcely recognize anymore.

    Too bad that many of us tossed items imbued with demonic vibes that threatened our spiritual lives, not to mention the menace posed towards our physical well being, too.


  • Gorbatchov

    I had a live experience this weekend how irretional jw family members react on the Russia events.

    It is Jehovah this and Jehovah that..

    It reminds me of the bible text about people that act like the wind.

    Because of lack of education jw's have no fundament of thinking.

    They don't do research, read the informal information and have their truths directly made up, because it's on

    My brother in law concluded, "now, we will win the appeal".

    It does not surprise me seeing all these jw family with health problems. They live in a buble with continue changing inner and external opinions, related to a continue stream of informal and strongly biased information.

    With their FB pro jw groups and Whatsapp communication they are right on the way to madness.

    It is so sad to see. All their time and health is flying away due to irrational nonsense.


  • OrphanCrow
    gorbatchov: My brother in law concluded, "now, we will win the appeal"


    How ridiculous and naive.

    This medal fiasco will have no bearing whatsoever on the appeal. The only thing that the org can appeal the Supreme Court ruling on are procedural matters. There is zero chance of this medal ceremony being allowed into the appeal process. Zero. Nada.

    The org cannot introduce new evidence. They cannot challenge the Supreme Court ruling itself - they can challenge the court on the procedural points of the court hearing. That is all. The only way the ruling can be overturned is if it can be proved that the court did not follow procedure.

    .... irrational nonsense

    Irrational indeed. It is right up there with the letter writing campaign. Foolish nonsense.

  • Vidiot

    The Org would even play ball with the Religious Right if they ever achieved political power.

  • Giordano

    While the WT makes the case for no compromises with question's of morality or governmental support they are more then willing to compromise their teachings if they see gain in it........the org has joined in numerous questionable pursuits that have compromised their integrity. Be it the UN debacle or the support for Hitler for a brief period of time. Then there's this:

    Over ten years ago, they filed a court paper called amicus curiae (friend of the court legal brief) in support of Jimmy Swaggart when he was in trouble with the IRS for issuing tax receipts to followers buying his merchandise.
    .............they secretly supported Swaggart to cover their own sales practices, which were also suspect to the IRS. Alas, the court ruled against Swaggart (and the Watch Tower legal brief) and found him subject to taxation for his merchandising practices. Surprise, surprise! The Jehovah’s Witnesses received “new light” shortly thereafter to stop selling their literature and ask for “donations” instead! Donations were safe from government taxes.

  • Listener
    Waton - Local historic preservation laws may have prevented removing these old decorations' I always felt a kind of detachment, as a guest in a museum, in theses premises.

    I was sitting in a boardroom of a Government office and when we were having our morning tea one of those in attendance was telling us that the room we were sitting in had been boarded over. Underneath was some very expensive marble work. It was felt that it was inappropriate to have such extravagance on display but it would have been crazy to remove all the marble work. The boards could easily be removed without damaging the original works in the future when the Government Department moved out.

    Even if the Organization couldn't remove certain works, there is probably a way that they can hide them from being on display.
  • Toshibabadu

    Jw's cant show honor to their mothers and fathers on the national mother and fathers day. This award was given on national children's day. JW' s cant honor a birthday but this award is ok.

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