The Rank Hypocrisy of JW Rank and File

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  • steve2

    WTF? Russian JW Mr Novik is shown in full view on jw ORG wearing the "Parental Glory" badge with its prominent cross pattee on his lapel - and not one word of caution is sounded.

    Similarly, JW forums are abuzz singing the praises of Mr and Mrs Novik and their brood after they received the Parental Glory honor from no less than JW-oppressor, Mr Putin.

    From the stinking GB heaven all the way down to the dusty rank and file, the hypocrisy is sky-high.

    Can you picture Mr Novik visiting the USA, hosted by JW brothers and sisters, and wearing this "worldly": badge and its pagan symbol to meetings?

    Or, perhaps he will start a trend and placed next to the badge, brothers and sisters will start wearing replica "Parental Glory" badges.

    Now wait for the interesting discussions among JWs NOT to take place........awkward silence about the pagan symbol and giving mere humans the glory when it belongs to Jehovah God....

  • sparrowdown

    Do current JWs even give a crap about "pagan" symbols anymore?

    Maybe they make an exception for anything "pagan" aslong as it has the word "Glory" in front of it. They hear the word "Glory" and their little JW eyes light up and their little JW pleasure centres activate and they're like "Glory, did someone say glory where where..."

    They're probably responding to the word "medal" as well, it's right up there with "reward" and "privilege" - in their mind.

  • Magnum

    This is so wrong to me for another reason, too; back when my wife and I were at prime child-producing age, we were instructed not to have children because the end was imminent, we should be spending all our time preaching, etc. I'll never forget the serious district convention talk in the late 80's, Responsible Childbearing in this Time of the End. I was almost made to feel that I was wrong to even consider having one child, and now these two are, in effect, praised by JWs for having eight?!?!

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, the hypocrisy is mind blowing!

    The society is acting like media whores. Just out for attention and the media and social currency this publicity gives them.

    So what? The family popped out lots of kids?! It is cold in Russia after all.

  • atomant
    With the high drop out rate involving children raised by jehovahs witnesses it only makes sense for large familys to be back in favour.
  • compound complex
    compound complex
    • "I recall that when the Watch Tower Society purchased a former motion picture theatre in Queens, New York, for use as an assembly hall, the theatre had an ancient Egyptian motif throughout. Over the marquee, the front of the building had large tiles depicting various Egyptian gods and goddesses, one even carrying the CRUX ANSATA. The inside contained other items, including lotus flowers, having religious connotations in Egyptian beliefs. When the Watch Tower renovated the building all these items were left unchanged. After a few years, a friend of ours from the Dominican Republic attended a Gilead School graduation there as our guest. She was struck by the pagan symbolisms and expressed her upset to me, saying that she would not have known what the meaning of these things was had she not read of them in the Watch Tower's own publications. [52] She could not harmonize the strong, negative statements made in the publications with this apparent tolerance. I felt obliged to write President Knorr, pointing out that my concern was primarily for her (and others who might feel as she did). Knorr came down to my office and argued the matter, saying that the items were simply decorations and that, for example, he didn't think that people looking at the lotuses would attribute a sexual connotation to them [bold added]. He asked if I thought we could not even make use of a Catholic translation because it might have a cross on its front. I told him that I was not hypersensitive about such things, but I thought that we had an obligation to be concerned if there is an adverse effect on others, that if we set forth a particular standard for others then people have a right to expect us to live by it ourselves. Not long afterward the tile depictions of gods and goddesses were painted over. The inside of the building remained essentially the same. More recently the Watch Tower purchased the large Bossert Hotel in Brooklyn. It has gargoyles ornamenting the outside. These, too, are viewed by the organization as inconsequential decorations, void of any serious significance. As I found true in so many cases, stringent requirements placed on Witnesses of the "rank and file" suddenly seemed capable of great relaxation when the organization's own interests were involved."


      52 See, for example the book What Has Religion Done for Mankind?, pages 106 to 119.

      IN SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM, Legalism-Opponent of Christian Freedom, Ray Franz, pages 274, 275.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    CC, great story. Thanks for telling it.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You're welcome, problemaddict 2, but credit goes to Ray Franz, whose courage helped to set us free.

    Best WIshes.

  • zeb

    what will the family do when those kids come to military service age? I am surprised they even stood there to receive a 'state' award, any award given the wt proscription of such.

    Still I imagine they live in a form of boot camp anyways.

  • possum

    The Watchtower organisation are publicity whores they'll milk anything.

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