When will they start spying on tablets/iPads at meetings?

by purrpurr 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • purrpurr

    Following on from a similar post, the use of tablets/iPads at the meetings is a life saver to many a bored or mentally out JW. I'm sure the Borg must know the potential for surfing the net or reading other books instead of reading the meeting material during the meeting?

    At what point are they going to start policing this? They control everything else. How could they police this and what can us out but in apostates do to protect ourselves from spying eyes?

  • Divergent

    They can't & won't. There is NO WAY that they can simultaneously monitor the electronic devices of dozens of people all at once. The most they can do is to control hall WiFi access & settings or have a local needs part about the proper usage of electronic devices. That's it. No need to become unnecessarily paranoid!

  • crazy_flickering_light

    You can't use the split-screen on Samsung-devices with the app. This is bad enough...

    The bOrg wouldn't spy, it's not necessary. You remenber the last watchtower where the sister run to the elders because she see something at social media? There also sometimes storys when people give there tablet to a brother and this brother see some bad content on the device. I think, they use human to spy, the don't use software for this.

  • konceptual99
    They may do a standard issue router for the KH with traffic logging enabled which would permit traffic to be analysed but there are privacy issues here. I don't think they can be bothered plus one is already taking a big risk by surfing to apostate sites whilst in the hall.
  • sowhatnow

    they wouldn't have to if they stuck with real books like always.... all the sudden opening a bible is too hard.

    i asked my mom,

    'how fast do you think people will forget where bible books are if they never use one again?'

    shes yet to answer.

    no one can be that naive to think they can introduce tablets to the meetings and people are going to only look at the material,lol [otherwise they would have bought stocks in kindles].

    I mean, look at how many times people were told to leave their cell phone in the car. mute it, ect ect. now they can download lessons on them? hmm

    [again, there are other forces at work here, lol]

  • purrpurr
    I meant spying both human and technical.
  • Vidiot

    purrpurr - "When will they start spying on tablets/iPads at meetings?"

    Who says they aren't already?

  • StarTrekAngel

    Doubt they will actually go that far, but I could be wrong. But forcing people to use their app for everything is another story. The "truth" could be changed without giving you the option of saving it for yourself.

    Delivering new light by means of the app store... Jehovah's charriot is not only moving but is also cyber aware...

  • Vidiot

    StarTrekAngel - "Doubt they will actually go that far..."

    What, limit the rank-and-file's Net access inside the KH by setting the local Wi-Fi to only access JW-dot-org?

    Why wouldn't they?

  • Spiral

    I don't use the wifi at my Mom's hall.....partly because I don't have the password. You have to be special to be issued the password and I'm not about to ask for it. (Is every hall like that?) I download something to read (and of course the WT so I can appear to be following along) and I use my cell for a hotspot for my tablet if I need to.

    If I was ever asked to let someone look at my tablet my response would be "no....oh, HELL no!"

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