India ... what's the latest?

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    I think at the time I was surprised at the blatant honesty if the brother on the desk there. I am certain that variations of that occur everywhere. I observed it first hand here in the US.

    The whole Borg is corrupt.


  • smiddy

    Never mind about the population of India not hearing or knowing the Kingdom message being preached by Jehovahs Witnesses .

    I would guarantee 99.9% of householders in the western / Free World have never heard of the "Kingdom Message" delivered by Jehovahs Witnesses , why ?

    Simply because that is not the primary message preached by Jehovahs Witnesses certainly not in the 33 years that I went from door to door.

    What about you ?

    What were the campaigns you participated in ,? The watchtower ,The Awake ,The NWT of the Bible ? this book or that book all to do with WT publications that would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the kingdom message inside those publications.

    Test yourself either mentally or physically : Wherever you live go D2D around the block and ask the householder what they know about Jehovahs Witness beliefs.

    All you will get is : They dont believe in blood transfusions Maybe you will get they dont vote ,or they dont go to war And thats about it .

    Even though JW`s have been going from D2D for over 100 years that is all you will hear from householders.

    No one will tell you:

    " they believe Christ Jesus is to reign over the Earth for a thousand years and a paradise for mankind."

    That is one of the final reasons I walked away.

  • sillygirlforgotpassword

    I was in India (Kerala) last month for my sister’s wedding – she just got married to a Bethelite (Lord save her), and I thought I should add my two pence here.

    - Kerala definitely has a lot of JW’s

    - Keralites (and a lot of south Indians) take religion super seriously. Most mornings, in the village where I was at, I would wake up to the shrieking sounds of women screaming out their devotion to Jesus, Hindu chants to whoever, and the required call for prayer (this wasn’t the loudest though. It’s a contest. All of them used deafening speakers – the decibel levels were incredible. All this starts at 4:30 in the morning. Never seen noise pollution like this before.

    - Ok I just got off the phone with my mum and she says they’ve placed more speakers closer to their front gate (like wth!)

    - My sister has told me of a bizarre Hindu custom where devotees attach themselves to hooks, and get dragged through the streets. Apparently this has happened in my parents’ village. Do not open this link if you’re lighthearted:

    - People generally don’t turn you away, you can walk uninvited into a person’s house to start preaching with no introduction. The subject of God is welcome in most environments

    - Poverty is rampant in many parts of India. Like one of the posters said, a lot of people will switch to a new church as soon as they receive more benefits. I’m sure that’s how my ancestors converted to Christianity (from Hinduism). The missionaries brought with them opportunities for education, healthcare etc

    - There’s definitely a lot of “local” JW customs and rules. This is partly why the society (? Do we still use this word?) is inviting all the non-resident Indians to go back to India. Probably to knock some sense into the poor locals being JW their own way

    - I had this pest of a middle aged anointed JW bother me throughout the time I was there. As if sitting through a meeting wasn’t hard enough, he would come after to badger me saying I HAD to move to india to take care of my parents (believe me they’re just fine), take my sisters place and do the full time ministry. That there was no use in living where I do because there are enough JW’s here and India is the place to be. I started to rudely ignore him after the first couple of times this happened. (bad me I know, but he was just a pain!)


    I'm just glad to be back home now. I need a vacation from my vacation! :P

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