Hypocrisy of JW Thinking After Tragedy Like Paris

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  • freemindfade

    It never has ceased to boggle my mind how twisted up JW thinking is.

    When they see something like what happened in Paris, in person they will express how sad and detestable it is quickly followed by "this is why we need the kingdom, and the desert god is gonna fix everything." Here is where I get perplexed.

    Your "jehovah" solution to this violence that you seem to be appalled by would likely require that all of those shot by the terrorists would end up being killed by the big J instead, also all those wounded, yep, big J smites them as well... then beyond that BILLIONS of regular people die horrific deaths, all in order that jihadist maniacs no longer plague mankind.

    How do witnesses not see the warped nature of that? You are sad innocent people died, your solution? die at gods hand instead with billions of other innocents.

    So why be sad. They were in Jehovah's cross hairs anyway to die at Armageddon. These psychopaths just gave them a ticket to paradise.

    Jehovah's Witnesses don't have the right to feel bad about innocent people dying that they view as unfit for life to begin with. Your solution kills them anyway.


  • OneEyedJoe
    Yes, apparently the only conceivable solution to the threat of genocidal maniacs is for the biggest genocidal maniac of them all to kill all the potential targets of genocide.
  • sir82

    In other words, "God will solve the problem of [starvation / warfare / crime / etc.] by slaughtering 99.9% of the human race."

    That's why the WTS goes out of its way to dehumanize non-believers with pejorative terms such as "worldly" or "false Christians" or whatnot. If JWs viewed non-believers as fellow humans, the thought of 99.9% of them being mercilessly slaughtered by a "superior" being would be utterly revolting.

  • jwleaks
  • Quarterback
    You do have a point
  • Warwickslave
    Great points @freemindfade how could jah kingdom be any better. Is horrific to see 129 people dead. JW don't think about how bad it will be to see 8 billion people on the street dead.
  • WasOnceBlind

    On saturday I actually had a chance to spread TATT on instagram. Some JW posted a comment about how this proves these are the last days, then pointed people to JW.org to find out more. Well right below him I told him he had been lied and pointed him to JWFacts.com

  • Zoos
    If JWs viewed non-believers as fellow humans, the thought of 99.9% of them being mercilessly slaughtered by a "superior" being would be utterly revolting.

    JW: But we DOO value non-believers as humans. Why else would we spend billions of hours a year trying to teach them Kingdom truths?

    Are they still valuable even if they do not accept what you teach?

    JW: Yes, of course. Don't be silly.

    But they won't live if they don't convert to your religion.

    JW: WE DON'T JUDGE! It's JEHOVAH who marks them as goats and destroys them.

    You...uh... but they're still valued as humans.

    JW: Not if Jehovah destroys them, which He will. Then they're just dead humans.

    Not valuable?

    JW: No, not really.

  • sir82

    I must be slipping, I don't remember having that conversation at all!

  • stuckinarut2


    Great thread!
    It has always been amazing that they cant see the contradictions....

    After the tsunami, I heard the same comments..... So I simply replied to one brother "oh well, at least they will get a resurrection and will avoid being killed at Armageddon".

    He didn't sense my sarcasm....

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